How to watch age restricted videos on YouTube
How to watch age restricted videos on YouTube 5

You might have come across a video that you were unable to play due to age restriction policy. YouTube has set certain age guidelines and blocks certain videos that it deems inappropriate for a user. Among other restrictions, age restricted videos are easily found on YouTube. To learn how to watch age restricted videos on YouTube, there are some tricks you can follow that are mentioned in this article

The main reason for imposing these restrictions on certain videos is to prevent younger people and users from watching those videos or getting access to that particular content. For example, some videos with extreme blood and violence are often restricted as they might not be suitable for the younger audience. 

Despite the reasons YouTube has for placing restrictions, we sometimes need to access those videos. You can do that only if you know how to work your way around the videos that have been age restricted. 

How to watch age restricted videos on YouTube

How to watch age restricted videos on YouTube
How to watch age restricted videos on YouTube 6

Age restriction is usually imposed on those videos that contain NSFW content. Creators who want to publish this kind of content can place age restrictions so that the younger audience is not able too access and watch those videos. This is also done to prevent the younger people from getting influenced in any way by watching this content. You need to know how to watch age restricted videos on YouTube in order to access these kinds of videos.

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In case you need to access an age restricted video, then one method of doing this is to add the word NSFW at the beginning of the video URL. Most video URL’s start with and so on. Here, add nsfw before YouTube to access that video. Now, you are actually using another site called This site is a third-party website and like all other websites in this category, it will be having various ads, text boxes, and other elements. Do not click these ads as they are not generated by YouTube or from the video you are watching. This site also gives you the option of watching an age restricted video but without logging into your YouTube account. Instead, you can play the video directly. This is a great feature, especially if you have to access such a video in a public computer.

How to download blocked content?

How to download blocked content
How to watch age restricted videos on YouTube 7

Demographic limitation is another common limitation by YouTube. This means that videos might be available in some locations but not in some other locations. There can be various reasons for this. For example, if the background music used in the video has a copyright, then it might be accessed in some areas of the world and not in others.

Using a VPN is a handy little trick for going across the demographic restrictions and accessing videos. However, this method does not guarantee results.

Other than viewing videos, YouTube also lets you download videos that you can watch offline later. By downloading videos, you can watch the blocked and restricted videos as well.

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Now you know how to watch age restricted videos on YouTube and you have seen that it is a process and not very complex.