YouTube is a people platform, and when we say it, we mean it. YouTube has constantly been making it easier for its users to manage their accounts since its launch. That’s the reason it is still popular among netizens, even in 2021. The app has most of its features easily accessible from all devices, including video upload.

The creators can forget the problem of transferring the videos to their computers first, before uploading, because they can now directly upload a video in high quality using their iPhones. Do you want to know how to upload a video on YouTube on iPhone? Keep reading for detailed directions.

How to Upload a Video on YouTube on iPhone in High Quality?

YouTubers prefer the desktop uploading option over the IPhone because they want the quality of their upload to a maximum. However, what most users are unaware of is that the YouTube iOS app allows its users to upload videos in high quality. You just have to push some buttons, and it is done. In the next section, we will guide you on how to upload a video on YouTube on iPhone in high quality.

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Uploading Videos from YouTube iOS App:

The iOS app has all the necessary features required for an upload. Just follow the steps, and you can easily upload your video:

  • Open your YouTube iOS App from your iPhone and sign in
Upload a Video on YouTube
How to Upload a Video on YouTube on iPhone? 13
  • Once you are in your account, you will see a video camera icon beside your Profile Photo. Tap that to start uploading
Tap that to start uploading
How to Upload a Video on YouTube on iPhone? 14
  • You can record the new video or upload an already existing one from your gallery.
  • Once the upload is complete, you can customize your video with a title and a suitable description.
  • Manage all the settings and then tap ‘Upload’.
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Manage all the settings and then tap ‘Upload’
How to Upload a Video on YouTube on iPhone? 15

The uploading process will take some time, according to the file size. It usually takes up too much mobile data to upload a video, so using a Wi-Fi network is recommended when you are uploading a video on YouTube using iPhone.

Uploading Videos Directly from The Gallery:

If opening the app seems like too much work, your iPhone has a feature that allows you to upload videos directly from your gallery to YouTube. Follow these steps to complete the upload:

  • Launch your Photos app from your iPhone
  • Find and choose the video that you are planning to upload
  • Choose ‘Share’ and select the YouTube icon from the options appearing on the screen
the options appearing on the screen
How to Upload a Video on YouTube on iPhone? 16
  • This action will take you to YouTube, where you can add a title and description to the video and make necessary changes.
  • Once you are done editing, tap ‘Upload’ to finish the task
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Increasing Upload Quality to Maximum:

You can upload your videos in HD quality from your iPhone if you change the settings of your YouTube account accordingly. To set the quality to maximum, you can follow these steps:

  • Launch your YouTube iOS App
  • Tap your Profile Picture at the top
  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • Click on the ‘Upload Quality’ option
  • Set the quality to ‘Full Quality.’

Selecting this option will allow you to upload videos with the quality they were recorded with. The iPhone camera has the best quality when it comes to videos. So, you can enjoy full-quality uploads from your phone, the same as you are watching them in your gallery.

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How to Ensure Safe Upload?

To upload videos from your iPhone without having them stopped or distorted in the middle, you can change your YouTube app settings to your convenience.

  • Upload videos using a Wi-Fi network for stable process. You can do that by turning on the ‘Upload Over Wi-Fi Only’ option in the Uploads Settings.
  • You should make sure that the two-step verification for your account is complete. Otherwise, some of the features will be restricted, including a 15 minutes’ upload limit, no video thumbnails, etc.
  • Set the privacy to Public if you haven’t done it already.

You can find your videos in the Library in ‘My Videos’ if you want to access them later. If you want to edit them, go to, or you can use the YouTube Studio App instead.

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