The gaming industry is one of the biggest industries, making billions of dollars each year. It may not come as a shock that people love to play video games; what is more shocking is the fact that people love to watch other people play video games! That’s right. YouTube has plenty of videos by gamers who upload videos of themselves playing for hours. They play the game and record themselves commenting on it or giving a walk-through. If you also love video games and are wondering how to start a YouTube gaming channel, then this article is just for you!

How to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel

Follow these instructions and learn how to start a YouTube gaming channel:

  • Define your niche.
How to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel
How to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel 5

The first step is to define which niche your gaming channel will cover. In order to create an identity on YouTube, you need to first establish yourself so that people know your work and what niche you cover. Since there are already so many YouTube channels dedicated to gaming, you need to plan and identify what will make your channel unique and make you stand out from the crowd.

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  • Buy the right equipment.
Buy the right equipment
How to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel 6

To make any kind of YouTube video, you need to buy the right equipment first. First of all, you need to choose which game you will start off with. Try to go for a popular one. You also need to select a gaming device or console. Do you intend to play on your PC, Xbox, Nintendo, PS or any other console? Starting a YouTube gaming channel is easy if you already have a high-end console.

Next, you need a proper video camera. You can either use a webcam or mount a camera on a tripod. Decide if you want to display only the gaming screen or if you also want to show your face and thus connect with your viewers.

You will also need good screen recording software to record your gameplay. If you try to record directly using a video camera, then you won’t get a good quality and clear gameplay. You need a microphone and good lighting in your room. Choose a video editing software to edit the video afterwards and make it more fun and interesting. You can also go for a green screen if you wish to change your background.

  • Upload your videos to your YouTube gaming channel.
Upload your videos to your YouTube gaming channel
How to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel 7

Once you are done with the abovementioned steps, you can go ahead and upload the video on YouTube. You need an active YouTube account to do this. Once you are logged in, simply click on the Upload button and select the video you want to upload. Choose the right video title, description and thumbnail. You can also make an intro and outro for your video.

  • Promote your gaming channel.

Once you have uploaded your content, you need to promote your channel on all social media sites to gather a large audience. You also need to consider any feedback you get from your viewers in the comments section or on any other social media account.

Now that you know how to start a YouTube gaming channel, you can start recording and have fun!