If you label yourself as a Youtuber, you probably know how Youtube channels operate. However, if you want to start a channel exclusively for kids below 13 years of age then this article is for you to how to start a Youtube channel for kids. It’s not rocket science to start one and there’s no magic spell involved to make it grow faster. But if you are willing to put in the efforts needed to make a channel work, then there’s no one stopping you from owning the runway.

How To Start a Youtube Channel For Kids

Starting a kids’ Youtube channel is highly successful as compared to starting a non-kids Youtube channel. This helps you have a niche in your market. Today’s younger generation have already gotten used to mobile devices so it’s only a matter of time for them to start their own Youtube channels under the guidance of their parents. It’s observed that Kids’ channels are likely to have more views as kids love the electric color play on the screens and are curious to watch them more time. They can watch the same video again and again without getting bored, unlike adults who get bored after watched one video once. 

How to start a Youtube channel for kids?

It’s a good practice to involve your kid when your target group is kids. Your kid will get a platform to showcase their talents, explore other interests and think out aloud. This is a benefit that wasn’t available for any other previous generations and is a welcoming change. As a parent, you need to play the supervision role to support your kid’s vision and develop a good space to believe in the interest of the child. Especially if your child is between the age of 12 and 17, they need your permission to start their channel. You need to fulfill this rule for it to fall under Youtube’s guidelines. 

What is the setup process?

All it requires is a Gmail account to create a Youtube channel. If you don’t have one, now is the perfect time to sign up for a new account Once the email ID is created you can click on ‘Select My Channel’ on the side. You have the opportunity to make videos private, public or unlisted. Public videos are available for anyone to view, while private videos are viewable only by invitation. Unlisted videos can be viewed and shared by they aren’t allowed on searches. It’s the perfect way of how to start a Youtube channel for kids.

Since your kids are very young, it’s important to respect their privacy. You need not use their real names when you start a channel. You can customize the privacy settings as you wish by restricting people to comment, share them via URLs. It’s of utmost importance to consider your child’s safety before starting a Youtube channel. It’s vital to implement parental locks and upload videos privately. Gradually as they age you can give them the onus to operate their channel on their own. 

Limiting the screen time is a good idea to watch what your kids are up to. You and your kids can engage in creating videos together. You can watch the videos in advance before they watch them make sure they are on the right path. 

How To Start a Youtube Channel For Kids

Exercise due caution and diligence when you handle kids. It’s important to know that ultimately they are in safe hands. If likes and comments on the videos are important to you, you can focus on creating engaging videos. It’s the most suitable way to increase your engagement and monetize the content after a while. Youtube is seen as a free tutorial platform so, use it advantageously and collaborate with other creators to make unique videos that benefit the whole society.