If you want to share a video on YouTube available to all the audience, you will want to set the privacy options to “Public.” However, YouTube also allows its users to create videos and save them under the labels of “Private,” “Unlisted,” etc. Unlisted videos are posted but can not be shared without the URL link with which it is associated, nor does it come up on YouTube search results when you type in a related query. Private videos are for your purposes, but fortunately, they can be shared with other people in a couple of different ways.

Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to share Private YouTube Videos:

1.  How to Share an already uploaded Private YouTube Video

Step 1: Open YouTube on a web browser

Type www.youtube.com in your web browser and click Enter.

Step 2: Click on YouTube Studio

Step 2 Click on YouTube Studio

On the top right corner of the YouTube homepage, you will see your profile picture (or if, like me, you don’t have any, your username initial). Click on that icon, which will open an option list. Click the third option, YouTube Studio, from this list.

Step 3: Click Videos from the panel that appears

How to Share Private YouTube Videos

Once you click YouTube Studio, it will direct you to studio.youtube.com. On the top-left corner, you will see the profile picture or initial icon on the top-left side of the page, along with all the options listed down below. Select Videos from this panel. This option will show you-you are published and uploaded videos.

Step 4: Find your Video and click Title.

In this bundle of videos, look for the one you wish to share. Once you locate it, click on its Title text, which will open the video in edit mode for you to make changes.

Step 5: Ensure that your video is Private.

When you will be directed to the editor format, there are plenty of options to choose from. You, however, want to make sure that the video you want to share is private. You can double-check or edit this in the Visibility tab at the bottom-right of the page.

tab at the bottom-right of the page.

From this tab, select Private and click Done located to the right below.

Step 6: Save your changes

Once you have edited, click Save at the top of the page to save your changes.

Step 7: Click Share Privately

To the right of the Save button, you will see three vertical dots. When you click on this icon, a drop-down menu with three options will appear on your screen. Choose the third option, which says Share Privately.  

Step 8: Share the Private YouTube Video with others

Once you click Share Privately, a new tab along with a pop-up will appear which says Share with others. In this pop-up, enter the email addresses of those you wish to share the private video with. Click Save and go back to YouTube Studio once you have entered all the email addresses.

Note: Please check the option that notifies the email address recipient that a private YouTube video has been shared with them. This option is usually checked by default, but give it a double check. Otherwise, it is difficult for recipients to locate the video since it is unlisted and they have no accessible link.  

2.  How to Upload and Share a Private YouTube Video

The only difference between this guide and the other is that you are sharing the private video immediately after uploading it. (Some steps will remain the same!)

Step 1: Open YouTube on a web browser

Type www.youtube.com in your web browser and click Enter.

Step 2: Click Upload Video

Step 2 Click Upload Video

On the top right corner of the YouTube homepage, you will a video icon as the first option from the left. When you click it, it will give you two options: Upload Video or Go Live. Click on the Upload Video option.

Note: This option will also redirect you to studio.youtube.com to upload your videos.

Step 3: Go to Editor Mode

How to Share Private YouTube Videos

Here, select from the computer or drag and drop the files you want to upload.

Step 4: Click Share

Step 4 Click Share

Once you have selected your videos to upload and are in editor mode, you will see a Privacy Tab and Share Button at the bottom-right of the page. From this tab, first select Private. This ensures that no one else apart from you can access the video. Once you have done that, directly below it, click on Share.

Step 5: Enter Email Address of the people you want to share the Private YouTube video with

How to Share Private YouTube Videos

A pop-up box will appear on the screen in which you can write the email addresses of those you want to share the video with. Make sure that the notify via email box is checked. Click OK when done entering recipient addresses.

Please note that copying the URL and sharing them with others will not be possible because the video is still listed as Private.

Data privacy and its breathing is a major cause of anxiety in today’s digital world. Whenever you upload sensitive or private information on any social media, make sure you check that the data is only accessible to those you want to share it with. Thus, double check everything.