Social media platforms, like YouTube, allow you to publically share content with millions of people around the world. For someone who likes making videos for limited people only, this can be an overwhelming fact. Yes, there is. When you share a private youtube video, only those with the permission can view your content. To do this, you need to learn how to share a private YouTube video.

In this article, we will explain all the steps to you in detail.

Learn How to Share a Private YouTube Video

You can limit the number of people watching your videos on YouTube by sharing a video with private settings. The best thing about this is that those people can’t share it with others either. Your video will also not appear on any search results, explore pages or recommendations. Your privacy will be completely protected at all times.

There are many benefits to this. Let’s say that you are an influencer and you’ve been tasked to create content for a brand. If you want to make sure everything is correct and that there aren’t any mistakes in your video, you can share it as a private video with the brand heads first. This way, they can review it and make sure it is suitable to be shared with the public.

If you want to learn how to share a private YouTube video, follow these steps:

Step 1             

Visit your YouTube homepage.

Visit your YouTube homepage
How to Share a Private YouTube Video 5

Step 2             

On the top righthand side of your screen, there will be an “Upload Video” button. Click on it.

how to share a private youtube video
How to Share a Private YouTube Video 6

Step 3             

A pop-up screen will appear, asking you to upload your video. Click on that and begin uploading. It will take a couple of minutes for the video to process, depending on how long it is.

Step 4             

Once it is uploaded, you will get the opportunity to add the title, description, tags and any hashtags related to your video.

Step 5             

You can now change the settings for who gets to see your video. Find the option that says “Private” and click on it.

Step 6             

Just below the “Private” option, there will be an icon that says “Share Privately”. Click on that and a dialogue box will open. Here, you will have to write down all the email addresses of the people with whom you wish to share your video.

how to share a private youtube video
How to Share a Private YouTube Video 7

Step 7             

After entering all the required information, you will see a screen confirming the addresses that you have written down. You can share your YouTube video privately with a maximum of 50 people.

Step 8             

Now that you have tweaked the settings and mentioned the email addresses of the people you wish to share your content with, you will need to go to your YouTube studio. Click on the “Videos” option.

Click on the “Videos” option
How to Share a Private YouTube Video 8

Step 9             

Scroll down to the video you have just uploaded, hover over it and click on the option of “Get Shareable Link”.

Step 10        

Now that you have your link, copy it and send it to the people whose email addresses you mentioned in your video’s settings. Once they get the link, only they would be able to watch the video.

We hope that our article has helped you understand how to share a private YouTube video.