Why People Save Videos on YouTube

YouTube’s following has increased quite exponentially after its release and its popularity is still not dying down. As millions of users’ flock to the platform to gain entertainment. The platform itself has emerged into a place, where people can openly express their art, thoughts and talent. But in order to watch YouTube videos, its vital that you must be connected to an internet source. But that’s not always readily available. In that case learning how to save videos on YouTube, can be quite beneficial, as you will be able to watch and rewatch the video anytime you like.

As many people use YouTube on their mobile device or on their desktop, we will be showing you how you can easily save videos on YouTube. It’s a great thing to know how to save videos on YouTube as you will be able to safely watch your favorite youtuber’s videos regardless if you have Wi-Fi or a data allowance on your device. By using the reliable techniques and software’s in this article you will be able to avoid geo-restrictions YouTube has. Saving the video on your device will also help any future products that you might have as well.  So, without further ado lets get right into how you can save videos on YouTube, using our techniques.

How to Save Videos on YouTube

(Using Desktop)

  • The first step is to go to youtube.com and located the video you want to save. This method requires that you have VLC Media Player installed on your computer. By using this software, we will be able to save any video on your desktop (Mac and Windows)
How to Save Videos on YouTube
  • After opening the video, in the “Search” bar, you will see the URL of the video, copy it The URL of the video will be located at the address bar on the top of your browser. Copy the URL using shortcut CTRL+C for PC or Command+C for Mac.
the URL of the video
  • Now you will need to open VLC Media Player, it should be located in the Start menu (Windows) or Application folder (Mac). The icon of this application is an orange traffic cone.
open VLC Media Player
  • In case, that you don’t have this installed, you can easily install VLC Media Player for free online.
  • Once you have opened the VLC Media Player on Windows, a menu will appear at the top of the screen. Click on the button titled “Media”.  Now go down the list and click on the “Open Network Stream”. For Mac you will need to click on “File” and then click on “Open Network”.
Open Network Stream
  • Essentially a network stream helps you to play a variety of different content from any of your preferred web browser all in VLC.
  • A prompt will appear, here you will click on “Please enter a network URL”, after which you will paste your desired YouTube videos URL into the field. Once you have pasted the URL, click on the “Open” or “Play” option at the bottom of the screen.
Please enter a network URL
  • The video will begin to play itself.
  • Now click on “Tools”, and then “Media Information” if you’re on Pc. If your using Mac, click on “Windows” and then “Media Information”.
Media Information
  • The “Media Information” menu, will have a “Location” bar on the bottom. Click twice to select and then copy.
  • Now you should go back to your web browser and paste the link to search it.
  • A page will be shown with the video playing with three stacked dots on the right side. Click on the dots and then click on “Download”.
  •  And that its! The video will be downloaded in MP4 format and you will be able to determine the file destination and name.
the file destination and name

(Using Mobile)


  • First you will need to download and open the app “Documents by Readdle”.
how to save videos on youtube
  • Now paste the URL of the desired video in the text box and click on “Download”. It will begin shortly; it might ask you to select the quality and the output format.
  • After this, click on “Download” for your desired options.
  • Now you will need to input a name and destination location for the video.
destination location for the video
  • The video will be downloaded in your Downloads Folder (if you so choose); from here you can tap on the three-dot next to the video.
  • An option to “Share” will appear, here you can “Save” the Video. After this step, you will be able to find the video in your Photos Application.
how to save videos on youtube