YouTube is growing to be the largest platform for content sharing despite the launch of newer platforms. This is because it takes its privacy and community guidelines very seriously. One such example is its age restriction feature that protects your children. However, some members do not abide by the guidelines and tend to violate them quite often. If you spot any such user, you can report them immediately. If you’re wondering how to report a channel on YouTube, then keep reading.

YouTube’s Community Guidelines

YouTube has set some guidelines for its community to follow while they are using the platform. These make the environment healthy and friendly, with everyone abiding by the rules. These community guidelines include:

Harassment and Cyberbullying

It covers the content that targets a certain individual, class or protected group to insult and harass them. If the content is reported against Harassment and Cyberbullying, it will be reviewed by YouTube and appropriate actions will be taken.


This is meant for content that targets a specific individual by invading their privacy and personal space. For example, someone’s personal information, picture or video uploaded without their consent will be considered to be a privacy violation. The person addressed in the content can file a legal suit against the uploader.


Copying another YouTube user’s identity comes under the impersonation guideline. It can entail imitating a channel’s layout, same username or posing as the user in comments, videos or emails. The user can report this action himself or someone else can also do it.

Violent Threats

Uploading content that threats an individual’s or a certain group’s safety in the form of serious physical harm is termed as a violent threat. It can also be spotted through a malicious comment under the videos by the user.

Child Endangerment

Abusive or predatory communications against minors that threatens their mental wellbeing is considered to be child endangerment.

Hate Speech

Content can be penalized if it promotes hatred based in race, religion, cast, color, gender, age or disability. However, it is not limited to these topics. If you spot a user promoting hatred against any group, just report them for hate speech.

Spam and Scams

Spam and scams are constantly discouraged by YouTube via updates to their policies. Everything addressing false claims, click baits, misleading content, illegal content and content selling engagement metrics comes under spam and scams and can be reported as such.

How to Report a Channel on YouTube?

Now that you are aware of YouTube’s community guidelines, you should abide by them and make sure that the people around you do so too. Also, if you spot content or a user violating these guidelines, just report them to the YouTube team so that they can take appropriate actions against them.

The steps below will teach you how to report a channel on YouTube:

  • Sign in to your YouTube account
  • Find the channelyou want to report
  • Click the About option on the channel
Click the About option on the channel
How to Report a Channel on YouTube? 4
  • Click the flag icon
Click the flag icon
How to Report a Channel on YouTube? 5
  • Select the reason of reporting the content
Select the reason of reporting the content
How to Report a Channel on YouTube? 6

What Will Happen to the Reported Content?

If the reported content is found to be inappropriate, necessary actions will be taken. The first time offense will receive a warning via email. If there are further offences in the future, the user will be issued strikes. More than 3 strikes in 90 days can lead to channel termination.