Is it true that you are still using a YouTube channel name that you picked back in secondary school which is quite humiliating in adulthood? Have your inclinations changed and you now post and view various kinds of media that don't fit the vibe of your current YouTube name? Or do you need to reexamine yourself without beginning another channel?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, you've come to the perfect spot. This guide will assist you with choosing a catchy YouTube channel name. It may also give your channel the makeover it needs by showing you how to change your YouTube channel name in only a couple of quick steps.

A quick note: It is true that you can change your channel name a few times with hardly a pause in between if you need to evaluate a couple of alternatives. However, Google won't let you continue doing so forever, so make sure to think about it before making the changes.

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How to Rename Your YouTube Channel

An incredible YouTube channel name is nearly as important as the content itself. You need a catchy and effectively accessible name to maximize views and subscribers. This is imperative since it will be labeled to every one of your recordings, on your channel’s homepage, and even in YouTube's search list.

It's critical to realize how to choose and change a YouTube channel name to achieve the maximum potential of your profile. However, you need to realize how to begin. Below are few tips for you to decide your YouTube channel name before you change it.

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How to choose a YouTube channel name

Try not to hurry into anything. You should ponder this choice. Despite the fact that it gives off an impression of being an easy task, it truly can affect the accomplishment of your goals overtime on the off chance that you pick an awful name.


How to choose a YouTube channel name

·        Try to relate the name with your content

Is it correct to state that you are making a channel about computer games? Attempt to work a gaming term into your title. If you plan to make fitness‐related content, attempt to add exercise or sports terms. Keep it relevant!

·        Dodge obscenity, indecency, and inside jokes

Although you may think that it’s hilarious to name your channel “Dadfarts”, a name like that will fundamentally limit your market. It's difficult to foresee what way your recordings may take on out into the world, and a reckless name (or an absolutely indecent one) may prevent your watchers from sharing your video. Note: You need people to share your videos!

·        Make the name appealing

People love puns, rhymes, and similar sounding word usage. However, don't attempt to coordinate every one of the three. That may be somewhat a lot. Keep it simple and sweet!

·        Make it simple to spell

People should have the option to discover your channel, and picking a word that is hard to spell can keep people from discovering you. Try not to consider this to be a chance to make a mysterious channel name crowded with an abstruse vocabulary that will confuse your possible watchers.

·        Make it simple for people to discuss

At the point when you think you've hit on the ideal name, take a stab at using it out loud a couple of times and ensure you can pronounce it. You need to have a channel name that people can discuss and make themselves understood.

·        Ensure the name is accessible and that you won't be mistaken for another business on YouTube or somewhere else

You should look through the web as a rule and YouTube explicitly to ensure your splendid, unique name isn't as of now being used somewhere else. You ought to likewise guarantee that the URL you lean toward is accessible. YouTube's assignment of URLs isn't programmed, and you pick your custom URL in advance.

Now that you have chosen your new YouTube channel name, it’s time to go to YouTube and change it. Here are the means to refresh your channel name:

Step by step instructions to change your YouTube channel name:

  1. Firstly, you need to login to your YouTube account
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2. Tap on your profile image which is situated in the upper right corner of the screen, it is an image that you choose or it will be a circle with a letter in it.

Step by step instructions to change your YouTube channel name
How to Rename Your YouTube Channel? 12

3. Tap “Settings” when the drop down menu appears.

4. Another page will open where your current YouTube name will show up; tap on "Alter on Google”.

5. At that point replace your current name with your new name, and tap on “Save”.

That is it, you now have a new YouTube username! The new name that you have chosen will now be visible to your viewers, any recordings you post on the stage, and it will be visible if you comment anywhere.

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What else would it be a good idea for me to know?

There are a few points to keep at the top of the priority list when you change your YouTube channel name. The name on your channel should be a similar to your Google account so in case you change one, you change them all. Furthermore, do remember that you are just able to change your name three times in 90 days, so be cautious before you get excessively change names. Moreover, if your Google account is overseen by your school or organization, you will be unable to make changes.

What else would I have the option to do on YouTube?

Changing your YouTube channel name is only a glimpse of something bigger. There are a lot of segments that go into building a fruitful channel, including subjects, supporters, video enhancement, video editing, gaming, YouTube promotion and much more. You simply should be imaginative enough to adapt these things for a better and competitive channel.