While working on YouTube seems like the ideal job, recording videos is not as fun as YouTubers make it seem. It requires a great degree of skill to know which camera angles look good and how the video should progress so that viewers don’t get distracted or lose interest. Successful YouTubers can easily make hundreds to thousands of dollars. The trick to their success is because they know how to record video on YouTube so that people are compelled to click on it and stay through the entire duration of the video.

How to Record Video for YouTube

Now that you know that a lot goes into recording videos for YouTube, let’s cover all the things you need to check off your list before you are ready to upload the video to the platform:

Setting up the Equipment

Setting up the Equipment
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The first thing you need to consider once you decide what video content you are going to make is how to set up the equipment for it. You can either use an external webcam or the integrated webcam on your laptop. They are two of the most convenient and readily available options; however, the video quality they provide is quite poor and has a grainy effect to it. It would be a wise investment to purchase a smartphone or even a decent camera that will help you record your videos in better quality.

Choosing Your Equipment Wisely

You will see a lot of YouTubers using big and heavy camera equipment, and it might make you want to purchase the same equipment as well; however, you first need to consider your context of use. Are you going to be recording video mostly sitting down or do you generally walk around while recording your content? If your content is mostly centered on sitting down, like recording makeup tutorials, then breaking the bank for some good camera equipment will be worth it. If your videos require you to record your everyday life, then it would be much better to invest in a smartphone with a good camera.

Investing in a Good Microphone

how to record video for youtube
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Although this might seem like a minor thing, purchasing a microphone is crucial because most cameras and smartphones are not equipped to catch lower decibels. This would make your audio very hard to hear for your audience on YouTube. Thus, you need to consider voice quality and clarity alongside video quality as well.

Record in a Well-lit Area

how to record video for youtube
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Recording in a well-lit area will ensure that you are properly visible, as nobody would want to click on a video to watch 15 minutes of darkness. The best time to film is during the daytime, so make sure to utilize the daylight as much as you can. However, if you are investing in artificial light sources, make sure you buy lighting that will complement your setup well. For example, if you are into tech reviews and want to make videos catering to that, try to incorporate white light. Yellow lighting would be better if you want to showcase your makeup or photography skills. The hue and saturation all matter as much in the pre-production as in post-production.

You’re Ready to Record!

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how to record video for youtube
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Just before you press the record button, make sure to install some software that will help you edit the video. Softwares such as Final Cut, Premiere Pro and iMovie are frequently used by multiple YouTubers.

Now that you know how to record video for YouTube, you can easily edit it according to your requirements. Using the software, you can easily add filters and trim the video down to include all the parts you think are relevant.