YouTube is the second most visited website in the world; the first being Google. Over 2 billion users spend 3.25 billion hours watching YouTube videos per month. Every minute, 500 hours of video content is being uploaded to YouTube. There are 31 million YouTube channels and 16,000 of them have over 1 million subscribers.


YouTube is a very well-paying profession (if you choose to call it that). This is why everyone is trying to become a YouTuber these days and this also explains the above statistics. YouTube gives you money for bringing views to the website and the more views you bring, the more YouTube pays you.

It’s a pretty simple deal and with the above numbers, it’s a pretty tempting idea to have a big YouTube channel yourself. But even if you don’t, then don’t worry because you’re not alone. Studies show that only 13% of people that try to become YouTubers make it to 1,000 subscribers, and only 4% of people get to 5,000 subs. This percentage gets smaller as the number of subscribers gets bigger. A big part of why this happens is because most people don’t know how to promote their channel well enough.

Every channel on YouTube starts off on the same grounds: with no views and subscribers. The channels that make it big in a short amount of time do so because they successfully promote it. Promotion of social media accounts has become commonplace over the past few years. It is very effective and you can get a huge amount of views on your videos instantly. This is extremely helpful for smaller channels in particular, as they are mostly struggling to get the initial momentum on their stale channel.

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This brings us to why we decided to jot down this article. We wanted to help these hard-working, yet struggling, newbies to get going on YouTube. Therefore, we have listed the most effective things do to when promoting your YouTube channel. These few tips and tricks have been proven to instantly increase viewership on a YouTube channel. You will understand how once you read them.

1.    Use YouTube Ads

The best way to get organic views on YouTube is by making a YouTube Ads campaign. This is a very underrated feature of YouTube that many people don’t know about. With it, you can create a promotional ad for your channel (in the form of a video) and upload it to YouTube. Your ads will show up on other YouTubers’ videos that have content similar to yours.

YouTube Ads

The whole process is very simple and can be done in just 7 easy steps. It drastically increases views on your channel and the best part is that these views are totally organic. The people who click on your ad are also more likely to subscribe because your content is in line with what they want to see. You’re essentially targeting the right audience the right way.

The only unappealing aspect of this may be that it costs money. On the plus side though, you pay only when people who see your ad show interest. This greatly reduces the overall price you pay for a YouTube Ads campaign. But even if you’re paying a substantial amount, it’s money well spent – considering you’re guaranteed increased viewership and potential subscribers.

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We recommend you use YouTube Ads if your channel has between 100 to 100,000 subscribers. It’s a tool you can use repeatedly so you should go for it from time to time.

2.    Collaborate with other channels

When you have a small channel, you dream of having a channel as big as those you follow on YouTube. So why not reach out to them for a collaboration now that you have a YouTube channel?

The first thing that may come to your mind after that question is probably, “Why would someone want to collaborate with a small channel like mine?” Well, believe it or not, they do. Collaborating with smaller YouTube channels helps bigger channels show their audience how humble and down to earth they are. Plus, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a full-on collaboration in which you both are in one video. It could be a simple shout out from them – perhaps for something you did for them on your own YouTube channel. That would be good enough to get you a lot more views than you normally get.


If you can’t get a bigger channel to collaborate with you or give you shout out, you can collaborate with other YouTube channels that are the same size as yours. They are easier to approach and much more willing to collaborate. Collaborating with them shares viewers on both ends. Their viewers get to watch your channel and your viewers get to watch theirs.

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This is one of the most frictionless ways to get in front of a brand-new audience. It’s a win-win situation for you and the person you’re collaborating with – we definitely recommend doing it!

3.     “Clickbait” people into watching your videos

Before you start judging us for telling you to clickbait people into watching your videos, you should first know what clickbait actually is.

Clickbait, on the internet, means to make engaging headlines that intrigue people to learn more; hence tempting them to click on the post. There is nothing wrong in doing this as long as it isn’t misleading. If you take a very interesting part of the video and make it the headline, you’re not doing something bad. In fact, it is a good thing because it helps in letting people know how interesting your content is.


If you’re a small channel, then you don’t have big numbers of views listed below your videos. The only things that help people decide whether they want to click on your video or not are the title and thumbnail. In this situation, clickbait is necessary for you. The kind of clickbait we are encouraging is the good kind. Make interesting titles and thumbnails (relevant to the content) for your videos so that people click on them.

You should be careful not to make misleading titles and thumbnails though. Otherwise people will think you lie to get views. This will hurt your credibility and you may even lose the few subscribers you already have.

4.    The algorithm and

Having engaging titles, thumbnails, and videos isn’t any good if your videos don’t show up to people searching for them. That’s why it’s important to know about Search Engine Optimization and the way the YouTube algorithm works.

YouTube is a search engine which is governed by its algorithm. The algorithm is responsible for recommending videos to people when they search for them. It does this by transcribing the content within videos. Everything, from the description to comments to words spoken in the video, is translated into something the algorithm can understand. Then the algorithm decides who to show the video to, based on keywords and tags.


If keywords in the search match the keywords extracted from your video, then your video will be recommended. Alternatively, if your video doesn’t have any similar keywords, it won’t show up in search results (at least not on the top). Your videos will get buried under similar ones.

To avoid this, you need to favor the algorithm. No one understands the algorithm, but what people do know is that the algorithm looks at keywords, links, and tags to transcribe what the video is about. The easiest way to choose what tags and keywords to use is to search for videos similar to yours on YouTube. See what tags and keywords are used in the title and description of top search results. This will help tremendously in getting your videos ranked higher, and more people will be likely to click on them.

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5.    Have a schedule on YouTube

YouTube favors traction and activity. YouTube wants channels to keep their viewers on the website. This means that the more frequently someone uploads on their YouTube channel, the more YouTube recommends their videos to people. This is simply because they have more content to show. This helps in increasing your channel’s visibility.

By keeping a schedule, you allow the viewers to know when you upload videos. They can stick around at that time or even make time to watch your videos. If you have a messy upload schedule in which you upload whenever you want, the people watching your videos won’t be able to keep up with your uploads. They may expect a video from you and when they don’t get it, they’ll move on to someone who did upload that day.

This is the reason why big YouTube stars mostly have a schedule. Their fans can keep up to date with them and be ready for whenever they upload. It may not sound very effective but it has been proven through experience that having a consistent upload schedule can keep subscribers intact and engaged.

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A good practice is to time your uploads to when your largest demographic is mostly active. That way you can get the most traction on your video as soon as it goes up. The algorithm will then recommend it to more people and perhaps you can even hit trending.

6.    Use social media

This is actually the first thing everyone thinks of doing after making a YouTube channel. They promote it on their social media accounts – may it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit or whatever.

Once you get as many followers as you can from those social media accounts to YouTube, that is enough, right? Wrong. People mostly think this is just a one-time thing. But once your social media followers have subscribed to you on YouTube, there’s still much more you can take advantage of from social media.

For starters, social media accounts tend to grow much faster than a new YouTube channel. People who are new to your social media accounts are the ones that are most likely to follow your YouTube channel as well. They are interested to find out more about you. Promoting your YouTube channel on a regular basis on social media will help grow your channel as fast as your social media accounts grow.

social media

A good strategy for this is to share your YouTube videos to your social media accounts and tell people to check them out to learn more. If you’re really dedicated, you can even completely migrate to YouTube and announce it to your followers on social media. That way, they will definitely want to subscribe to you on YouTube if they are interested in keeping up with you.

7.    Be consistent and stay dedicated

Ending it on a high note, we encourage everyone reading this article, who wants to grow on YouTube, to be consistent and stay dedicated. Becoming a YouTuber isn’t an overnight thing. It takes a lot of patience, motivation and commitment to achieve this dream job. People who stay dedicated to becoming YouTubers eventually make it, one way or another. There are channels that got fame a few months after posting videos. Some had to work for years before getting a boost and some never got a boost but made it big one small step at a time. What all these channels have in common is that they waited, stayed dedicated and uploaded consistently.

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You can find a lot of ways on the internet to get big on YouTube. What they all have in common is that they promote the subjected YouTube channel. The to-dos we have listed in this article are a quick summary of the most effective ways you can grow your channel.