YouTube is a great platform to showcase your product, brand, or service. You can reach a wide audience from around the world. YouTube encourages users to post high quality videos as well as choose appropriate pictures for your profile and channel background. Pictures have a great influence on our minds. Choosing the right picture can make a good or bad first impression of your channel. This will ultimately help you get more followers or lose followers if they think your channel is fake or a scam. Let us see how to post pictures on YouTube.

How to post pictures on YouTube

How to post pictures on YouTube
How to post pictures on YouTube 5

You can upload pictures to make a slideshow out of them and share it on YouTube. Most people do not know that YouTube is not just for videos. You can upload picture slideshows and share it with the community. An interesting feature for photos is that you can make the slideshow on YouTube and upload it directly. You do not need to use an additional software to first create the slideshow and then upload it. This saves time and the process is fast and efficient.

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Follow the steps below to see how to post pictures on YouTube:

  • Open YouTube on your web browser.
Open YouTube on your web browser
How to post pictures on YouTube 6
  • Sign into your YouTube account if you are not logged in.
  • You will see a button labelled “Upload”. Click on it.
You will see a button labelled
How to post pictures on YouTube 7
  • A menu with various options will be displayed on the right side. One option will have the title “photo slideshow”. By clicking on this button, you can create the slideshow.
  • You can select which photos you want to add in the slideshow. You can choose photos from your drive, your G+ account, google drive, or even download photos from the internet. It all depends on how creative you are and how you create the slideshow. If you choose pictures from your desktop, then select the images you want to add. Then click on “Upload”.
  • Once you are satisfied with the pictures you chose, go to the button labeled “next” at the bottom of the page.
  • After this, YouTube gives you the option of adding other features to make the slideshow more attractive and make it aesthetically pleasing. This is a fun step that involves incorporating soundtracks, slide animations and transitions. You can set the duration for each slide and decide how long each slide is displayed. The slide transitions will make the slideshow catchier and will give a good impression to the user. Some tracks will be displayed as suggestions by YouTube that you can add to the slideshow.
  • When you have added all the features, you can finally upload the slideshow. You can keep its visibility settings as either public or private. You can change the settings for your slideshow in privacy settings. If you want to add more photos, change the soundtrack, change slide effects, etc. then you have to open the “Video Manager”.
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And that just about covers all the basics for how to post pictures on YouTube. You have seen that the process is very simple for posting pictures on YouTube.