YouTube is a great place for viewing videos of almost any topic. If you want to enjoy watching clips of your favorite movies and television shows but do not want to watch the entire episode again, then YouTube is the place to go. A great thing about this platform is that it has playlists for all of your topics of interest. This playlist will have all the related videos available on YouTube for you to see. But how to make playlists on YouTube?

As a creator, YouTube playlists are important so that your videos get noticed by users. The following article will explain how you can create your playlists on YouTube. First, let’s understand what a playlist is and then learn how to make your own.

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What are YouTube Playlists?

How to Make Playlists on Youtube
How to Make Playlists on Youtube 8

A YouTube playlist contains several videos playing automatically in a row. This means that once you click on a playlist, you will see all the related videos playing as soon as one ends. You can make a similar YouTube playlist to those created on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. Once a video ends, the next one will play automatically and the user won’t have to do anything. There is even an option available to shuffle playlists so that each time you play, it provides a new outlook. There are playlists available on all types of topics. Whether you want to be entertained or utilize free time with educational videos, there is always a relevant playlist present.

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It is not hard to learn how to create playlists on YouTube and we will look at that in more detail in the next section. However, we should understand why YouTube playlists are important. Firstly, as a user, you can create playlists simply for ease. For example, you can create a music playlist for when you are at the gym or you can create one for learning a new skill. They will save you time for having to click on the same videos again and again each time you visit.

If you are a YouTuber, then creating playlists can keep your viewers engaged for longer on your channel. The viewers will be persuaded to keep on viewing your videos and this way you can market your services and merchandise. Thus, it is important for you to learn how to make playlists on YouTube.  

How to Make Playlists on Youtube

The following steps will teach you how to make playlists on YouTube:

Step 1

If you have several YouTube channels, then make sure that you log in to the correct one.

Step 2

On the right-hand upper corner, you will see your profile icon. Click on this icon and a drop-down menu will appear. From there, choose the option of ‘Your Channel’.

Your Channel
How to Make Playlists on Youtube 9

Step 3

Click on the blue ‘Customize Channel’ icon. You will then see several options on the top of your screen. Click on the option for ‘Playlists’.

Customize Channel’ icon
How to Make Playlists on Youtube 10

Step 4

You will be able to see any previously made playlists. Right next to them will be the option of ‘New Playlist’.

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New Playlist
How to Make Playlists on Youtube 11

Step 5

You will now be able to start creating the playlist. Click on the option of ‘Edit’ and you will be given the option to add videos. You can search for videos on YouTube, enter URLs or search for the videos from your channel. Then, once you have added the videos, you can review your playlist and click on the ‘Share’ option.

Click on the option of ‘Edit’
How to Make Playlists on Youtube 12