Most phone users do not have an idea how they can make or upload a banner on YouTube. Some don’t even know it can be uploaded. Why? Because the feature is not available for phones. So, if you got to know about the banner, do not waste a second more to create one for your channel. Your identity must be clear and unique on YouTube to distinguish yourself from other creators with similar channel themes. How to make a YouTube banner especially for your channel? Let’s work on it right now.

How to Make a YouTube Banner?

A YouTube banner, unlike other platforms, is a tricky one. It has some specifications that cannot be easily met. You need to make a banner that is an exact match and will be uploaded correctly. Learn how to make a YouTube banner the right fit for you.

Follow YouTube Specifications for Banners:

YouTube has set the following criteria for banners:

  • Dimensions for upload: 2048x1152 pixels
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Safe Area:  1235x338 pixels (Visible on phones. Recommended for adding text and logos, so they are visible on all devices)
  • File Size:  Max. 6 MB
  • File Format: JPEG, PNG, GIF, and BMP

If you do not have your banner with either of these specifications, it might either get rejected by YouTube or get cropped in an awkward manner automatically. So make sure you remain within the range.

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Make Your Template:

It is recommended to create a banner that is unique to you instead of randomly downloading it from the web. You can use any free YouTube banner maker websites or apps for that purpose. They offer you to choose from some already existing templates and edit them, or you can make your own too. Using your aesthetics, create a template that suits your theme and correctly represents your channel the best.

Upload Your Banner on YouTube:

Now that’s the trickiest part. If you used a banner maker, then the size will not be a problem. However, make sure to add text or logos in the safe area while creating the banner. The upload option for banners is available for all devices, i.e., desktops, androids, and iPhones.

Upload Your Banner on YouTube
How to Make a YouTube Banner? 6

How to Upload Banner on Desktop?

From your PC, just log in to your YouTube account and start with the process.

  • Click on your thumbnail, and go to YouTube Studio
How to Upload Banner on Desktop
How to Make a YouTube Banner? 7
  • Click on the ‘Customization’ option in the main menu and go to ‘Branding.’
How to Make a YouTube Banner? 8
  • You will see an Upload option under the Banner Image section. Use that to upload your banner
Use that to upload your banner
How to Make a YouTube Banner? 9
  • Save changes to make the upload complete

How to Upload Banner on Mobile Devices?

iPhones and androids have a separate operating option for YouTube. Let’s get started with the upload on mobile devices.

  • Open your YouTube iPhone, iPad, or Android app
  • Tap your profile picture and go to Edit Channel
  • Your banner image will have a small camera icon on the corner. Tap that icon on the right.
  • Take a photo using a camera or choose an image from your gallery.
  • Click ‘Save’ to complete the upload
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Tips to Make Your Banner Special:

You should strictly follow the YouTube specifications for a banner so that the banner is visible on all devices to your subscribers and other users. If you have any text involved, keep it in the safe area. It is recommended to test the banner you made on all devices before you choose to upload it finally. That will keep you in the safe zone when you customize your channel later.

Suppose your file size has exceeded the limit, no need to fret. Just resize it using your desktop photo editor or an app. The rest is up to your aesthetics and devotion to your channel. Make a YouTube banner that can define your cause and work as an identity for you, along with a marvelous YouTube Intro.