Watching YouTube videos has become a favorite activity for all users. Be it for professional or personal purposes, YouTube videos have become a guiding or reference point. Now while watching or enjoying your favorite YouTube videos, you may wish to convert an interesting part into a GIF for sharing or other reasons. If you always wanted to know How to Make a GIF from a YouTube Video, take a cue from this article and make a GIF of your choice!

How to Make a GIF from a YouTube Video
How to Make a GIF from a YouTube Video? 4

YouTube Videos are Fun and Interesting

In this digitized era, we all are literally glued to YouTube videos. One simply can’t deny the entertainment factor that YouTube videos provide us. Educational, research-oriented, humor, philosophical, entertainment, and more; one can search the video of his or her choice and enjoy the same. Plus, not to forget the useful DIY videos and self-enhancement videos, which can help us be the better version of ourselves!

GIF - A way to Express Views

Animated or static, GIF images are a fun way to express an idea pretty succinctly. For the humor genre, GIFs have become extremely popular. One can add a GIF in articles, write-ups, social media sites, scripts, videos, etc.

Of course, you can search for a particular GIF online that blends well with the exact emotion or ideology, but you can even create a GIF from chosen YouTube Videos too. Say, you are watching a scene in a video, which you think will be the perfect fit for your videos or write-ups. You can easily create a GIF from that particular YouTube Video!

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Easy Ways for Creating a GIF from YouTube Videos

How to Make a GIF from a YouTube Video
How to Make a GIF from a YouTube Video? 5

You don’t have to wonder about How to Make a GIF from a YouTube video anymore. Follow these below-mentioned steps for creating a high-quality, funny GIF which you can share with others! Plus, it is super simple to create and literally takes a few minutes!

Step 1 - Select a YouTube video that you wish to convert into a GIF. You need to copy the URL of the video here.

Step 2 - Go to Now simply paste the YouTube URL that you have selected into the box provided on the GIF site. Ensure that you copy the entire link. You can even upload the videos from your personal collection too. Just select and paste or drag and drop to the box provided.

Step 3 - Ensure that the image does not have any ad. Select the X option if the ad appears in the video image or appears in the GIF. Now select or click on the timeline appearing below the image. Then select start as well as end time to create your GIF. Note that, the blue bar gives you an indication about the prescribed time period for the GIF.

How to Make a GIF from a YouTube Video?

Here, you have the option of creating the GIF, as per your timeframe, meaning it could be long or short as you prefer. Generally, longer animated GIFs are bigger in file size. Mostly when posting the GIFs on social media sites like say Twitter, it allows for GIFs up to a specific size only i.e., 5MB for smartphones, 15MB for computers or laptops. So, ensure that your GIF has a general or most used size.

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Step 4 - You can now add a caption, sticker to your GIF. You can even crop the newly made image. It allows you to include special effects like padding.

Step 5 - Once you are ok or satisfied with all the changes you have done, you can select the create GIF option. Small size GIFs take a few seconds to get created, and for long GIFs, it may require additional seconds.

Step 6 - At this stage, you may confirm the chosen GIF title. You can even add appropriate tags for the same. Check and select your preferences accordingly.

Step 7 - You can download and share the new GIF now. You can preview the GIF as well. The watermark on the same can be removed given you have taken the premium service.

You can explain and share these simple steps with anyone who wishes to know How to Make a GIF from a YouTube Video.

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