How to Get Verified on YouTube
How to Get Verified on YouTube 5

Just like other platforms, YouTube also allows its users to get verified on the platform. Getting verified means that a grey checkmark or a music note will appear next to your channel’s name. You will be known as a credible source of information and your videos will be a legit way of obtaining information. It also showcases that the channel is being run by an actual person or business behind the screen and not a bot. By learning and working towards how to get verified on Youtube, you can easily increase your following too!

Other than the credibility, YouTube doesn’t offer many perks to the people who get verified. However, some advantages of getting verified are that you will be able to upload videos going above the 15-minute mark, as well as adding custom thumbnails and even live streams. Uploading longer videos will allow you to generate more AdSense from your videos and thus be more lucrative for you. Therefore, getting verified allows you to reap great monetary profits from your YouTube videos.

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Getting and Maintaining the Verification

Getting and Maintaining the Verification
How to Get Verified on YouTube 6

To get verified on YouTube, you will need to do some grunt work. Making videos and earning through them isn’t all rainbows, as most Youtubers make it seem. Getting your channel to that level and maintaining it so that you can keep the verification badge is a great feat. Some people have worked hard to earn their badges; however, once they got verified on Youtube, the quality and quantity of  their videos dropped and this ultimately became the reason that they lost the badge. If you don’t know how to get verified on Youtube, you have come to the right place.

Requirements for Verification

Requirements for Verification
How to Get Verified on YouTube 7

YouTube has set forward a set of requirements that must be met before you can be considered for verification. The process is pretty simple: if you have more than 100,000 subscribers, you will be able to get verified quicker. However, along with having this huge subscriber count, you will need to upload authentic content. Your account must also be public and active on YouTube.

How to Get Verified on YouTube (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

  • Once you have met the abovementioned requirements, you can begin the process. First, go to by clicking on the URL or by copy-pasting this into a browser of your choice
  • The Google Support page will pop up. Scroll down and you will see a “Apply for Channel verification” segment. It will appear inside a text box
  • On the bottom of the text box, you will see a button titled “Apply Now”. Clicking on this will open up an application form. If your channel fulfills all the requirements, you will have no trouble seeing the form; however, if your channel is not eligible, the form will not be displayed and you will be prompted to try again once you have fulfilled the particular requirement
  • Fill out all the information required from you in the form
  • Enter your Channel ID and Channel name. To know your channel ID, you will need to sign in to your YouTube account and go to Advanced Settings - the ID will be displayed there
  • After you have entered in all the details, click on the Submit button and your request for verification will be sent. You will also receive a confirmation email from YouTube. However, the verification process itself can take a few weeks.


YouTube is very particular about its policies so, if you want to get verified, you will need to obey the rules and maintain a good profile online. By posting original content and abiding by the rules, YouTube will recognize you as a good candidate for the verification.

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We would also recommended you not to change your YouTube channel name, as this will require you to fill out the application all over again for the new name.