Are you an online video maker looking to get royalty-free video music? It’s clear that a film must have a perfect soundtrack for music masterpieces but it’s a must to make sure it’s copyright-free.


This is because after working so hard on it, you would never want YouTube to remove your video because of copyright violation. Luckily, there are a few trustworthy outlets for youtube videos providing perfect royalty free music.

Here is a list of 10 best royalty free music for videos.

Part 1: What Does ‘Royalty Free’ Mean?

Royalty free’ does not mean that the artist has relinquished control of their music, simply that they have licensed it for use by others. Licenses have limitations so their right to use royalty-free music in your vlog should not be compromised. The most common condition for using royalty-free music is that you need to credit the artist, which can be as simple as having to include a’ music by’ note in the description of your video.

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Because royalty-free music still has a copyright claim on it YouTube may occasionally flag your video even if you’re using music that you’re allowed to use only. Flagging system on YouTube is automated and prone to error. If your video is marked wrongly you can challenge it with YouTube and get your video cleared again.

Part 2: 10 Best Royalty Free Music for YouTube Videos

1. YouTube Audio Library

YouTube Audio Library
How To Get Royalty Free Music for Your YouTube Videos 24

YouTube’s built-in audio library is one of the best ways to use it in your videos to get free soundtracks and copyright music. It is a site dedicated to browsing the catalog and publishing royalty-free music for commercially used videos. Ideal for the producers and filmmakers of content.

The features of YouTube Audio Library include:

  • High-quality 320kbps audio tracks
  • Royalty free soundtracks
  • Over 900 free songs
  • Sorted by mood, music genre, and artists
  • If attribution required, credit the artist in the description of the video

2. FreePD

How To Get Royalty Free Music for Your YouTube Videos 25

The FreePD collection includes songs compiled from the public domain, as well as a number of other compositions and soundtracks by Incompetech composer Kevin MacLeod. McLeod has contributed his work to the public domain of this site, therefore it is not appropriate to credit him for the songs.

  • Download any Mp3
  • Use them the way you want
  • Other benefits like downloading 800+ mp3’s are available at a nominal rate

3. AudioJungle

How To Get Royalty Free Music for Your YouTube Videos 26

AudioJungle offers free soundtracks and copyright music for videos handpicked from AudioJungle’s professional quality team. AudioJungle offers free music and soundtracks of some of the finest quality copyrights. As part of Envato Group, there are 35,000 skilled designers, artists, and music creators in charge of creating all the assets in the upcoming projects. The attributes are-

  • Heavy metals to pop and vocal music
  • Music kits and sound effects available
  • Top-quality royalty free music tracks
  • Weekly shuffle of the music tracks

4. AudioBlocks

How To Get Royalty Free Music for Your YouTube Videos 27

AudioBlocks is a premium service with over 100,000 songs, offering unlimited access to the audio media library. For youtube videos you can just download and use royalty free music as much as you want. AudioBlocks features include-

  • Commercial and personal use of the royalty free music for videos
  • No hidden fees
  • Continuous addition of new content to AudioBlocks
  • Find loops, sound effects, as well as music

5. SoundCloud

How To Get Royalty Free Music for Your YouTube Videos 28

SoundCloud is the largest streaming platform for music and audio, with over 135 million songs. SoundCloud provides a wide range of diverse content from the emerging artists to new and major names in the industry. SoundCloud features include-

  • Create, connect and share music
  • Build a playlist completely free
  • Access to an expanded catalog of content like jazz, electronic, pop, rock, etc.
  • Ad-free listening experience
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6. Incompetech

How To Get Royalty Free Music for Your YouTube Videos 29

Incompetech was first founded by Kevin McLeod, and is a house with tons of free copyright music. It’s classified according to sound and genre. From polka to horror soundtracks, rock to pop and everything in between, Incompetech has everything to it. The characteristics are-

  • Easy filter and search
  • Mp3 files of hundreds of music tracks available
  • A good audio size library
  • New music updated on a regular basis
  • Special attribution feature in between the video

7. Machinima Sound

Machinima Sound
How To Get Royalty Free Music for Your YouTube Videos 30

Machinima Sound was produced by Jens Killstofte and Per Killstofte and offers free royalty music for videos. You can use or download music for both commercial and personal purposes as long as you give an attribution. The apps are —

  • An assortment of genres and tracks
  • Available in MP3 format
  • Look for those marked as Legacy
  • Credit is required under a precise format of the license
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8. CCMixter

How To Get Royalty Free Music for Your YouTube Videos 31

A web platform for music tracks, CCMixter has a specific artistic license offering loads of music. You may be making video mashups, videos, music listening and more. The characteristics are-

  • Use copyright free music for videos
  • Perfect soundtrack or theme music for your video
  • Thousands of hours of free music when you offer credit
  • Eclectic, eccentric, experimental genres

9. Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive
How To Get Royalty Free Music for Your YouTube Videos 32

The Free Music Archive offers royalty free music for youtube videos. WFMU radio station curates the music collection.

  • Search music by genres and charts
  • Copyright free music
  • Uploaded with CC license
  • Curated music tracks

10. Bensound

How To Get Royalty Free Music for Your YouTube Videos 33

It is named after a French-born musician and composer Bensound. He has a number of projects featuring his music, and has been writing for over 10 years. Bensound provides a copyright free music compilation for YouTube videos that can be downloaded from the site with an accreditation to the artist. The characteristics are-

  • Listen to the music tracks online
  • Download music without registration
  • Large collection of music
  • Range of genres of music
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Have you ever tried any of these royalty free music for videos? If you are a video creator looking for copyright free music, do not miss trying out any of the above options to avoid any kind of violations.