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Dreaming big, starting small, and acting instantly – these have been the three benefactors behind success stories of almost every YouTuber reaching different milestones on YouTube. To celebrate such achievements, YouTube introduced YouTube Creator Awards. It’s awarded in the form of a Play Button depending upon subscriber count, followed by few other guidelines. 

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Now that you have come to read this post, you are certainly trying to figure out how you can be among the ones to have your own YouTube play button. Well, this post is going to clear all your doubts regarding the same. Keep reading!

YouTube Play Buttons – The types based on your subscriber threshold

  1. Silver Play Button – 100,000 Subscribers required
  2. Gold Play Button – 1,000,000 Subscribers required
  3. Diamond Play Button – 10,000,000 Subscribers required 

Factors that can hold you back from gaining the YouTube play button

Previously, the YouTube play button followed automatic distribution to creators after the completion of subscriber milestones. However, the process isn’t the same as of now! To maintain and check if the creator is abiding by the guidelines, YouTube reviews channels manually before issuing the honor. The ifs and buts of criteria are as follows.

  • The account of the particular creator must not violate YouTube’s community guidelines
  • There shouldn’t be a single copyright claim against the account.
  • A dedicated account must follow YouTube’s terms of services.
  • The account must stand good
  • Original content creation should be the primary concern. 

Apart from these criteria, it has been seen that few creators aren’t able to get their play button because of their content type. In this case, once you have checked all the criteria and feel that you are eligible for the YouTube Play button; reach out to the creator team support. 

Silver YouTube Play Button / Silver Creator Award – All That You Need to Know

So, you have been working hard for a while creating engaging content and entertaining or educating your audience, and are close to reaching 100,000 subscribers. Well, it’s time for you to get your first YouTube Play button. Though others might feel play buttons being just a piece of reward, for a creator it really feels like a triumph. After all, it takes hours and hours of dedication and effort towards creating every single video. 

The process of claiming is pretty simple. Once you reach the count, wait for YouTube to get in touch with you via Creator dashboard. Usually, it takes around a week after you attain the milestone for YouTube to review and send you a notification.

The notification comprises a code that needs to be redeemed on the creator rewards redemption website. Once done, continue with your YouTube journey seamlessly. You will receive your YouTube Play button in three weeks, and in some cases might take a couple of days longer. 

Gold Play Button / Gold Creator Award – At a Glance

It requires 1 million or more subscribers to qualify for the YouTube gold creator award. Just like the Silver one, it also approves the creators, who have always played by the rules. The YouTube authority will review the channels before issuing the award. 

Apart from maintaining the said subscriber count, if you keep your account in good standing without copyright strikes and community guideline violations, YouTube might consider you to award with a Gold YouTube Play button.

The process of claiming the Gold Creator award is the same as the Silver one. The awards get shipped within two to three weeks from the date of claiming.   

Apart from the said two, there's also the Diamond Play Button, which requires millions of subscribers to be issued.

The Steps To Getting A Youtube Play Button - Galaxy marketing

YouTube play button delivery – What’s inside?

  • Sliver Play button plaque
  • YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki signed, congratulations letter

Ruby YouTube play button

As said before, in actuality, there are only three buttons as mentioned earlier. Recently, however, YouTube brought a custom play button into the picture. It requires 50 million subscribers, which clearly means that this one is for the monumental creators. However, this button is not listed on YouTube’s website, and to date, there are only 3 channels to achieve this unique custom YouTube Play button.  Those are PewDiePie, T-series, and 5-minute crafts among which PewDiePie was the first one to get this reward. 

Bronze play button – Is there any?

While few creators claimed and created a buzz that they received bronze YouTube play button after they hit a hundred subscribers mark, in actuality, there’s no such official bronze button. Such buttons are usually self-created by these creators and have no official relation with YouTube. 

Can Everyone Qualify for YouTube Play Button Upon Reaching the Milestone?

YouTube awards the channels that always have followed the guidelines, terms, and policies of YouTube authority. Besides, the channel needs to meet the other criteria as well to achieve the YouTube play button award. 

Apart from that, YouTube always reserves the right to give away the awards at their discretion. Moreover, if the current status of your account is not satisfactory, YouTube won’t even process your request to get a play button.

Can You Get More Than One Play Button/ Award for the Same Channel?

YouTube gives only one complimentary award per channel. However, if you want to gain more awards, you need to purchase them. The process is hassle-free. All you need to do is to drop an email at [email protected] from your registered email id.  YouTube authority will review your channel and award level before issuing more awards that you want to purchase.

Why You Don’t Get a Notification about Your Creator Award Even after Passing the Subscriber Thresholds

Before issuing a YouTube Play Button, a human reviewer scrutinizes each channel.  In case, you’ve recently crossed the subscriber milestone, your channel's eligibility to earn the award may be under review.

In case you see that it’s been more than 21 days since your channel has reached the subscriber threshold and you’re sure of the fact that your channel meets the eligibility criteria perfectly, you may consider getting in touch with the YouTube creator support team.

Hope you’ve found this post useful! Just started your journey as a YouTube creator and looking for some help to increase the viewer count? We can help! Wish you a great journey ahead!