YouTube is a popular video streaming platform that allows users to upload, share, and watch videos from around the world. It has become an essential tool for content creators, businesses, and marketers alike. Knowing who disliked your video can be beneficial in understanding how viewers are responding to your content and what changes you may need to make in order to increase engagement levels. This article will discuss how you can identify who disliked your video, utilize third-party tools, deal with negative feedback, and provide tips for increasing likes on your videos.

how to find out who disliked your youtube video
how to find out who disliked your youtube video 10

How to Identify Who Disliked Your Video:

Analyzing the Viewer Analytics: One way of finding out who disliked your video is by analyzing the viewer analytics provided by YouTube. This feature provides detailed information about viewers’ interactions with each video such as likes/dislikes ratio, average view duration, total views/comments/shares etc., which can help you identify patterns in user behavior towards a particular video or channel as a whole. Additionally, you can also use this data to compare different videos against each other in order to determine which content resonates better with viewers and why certain videos have more dislikes than others.

Utilizing Third-Party Tools To Find Out Who Disliked Your Video:

There are also third-party tools available that provide additional insights into viewer behavior such as which users have liked or disliked a specific video or channel over time. These services allow users to track the activity of their followers and subscribers so they can gain valuable insights into how their content is being received by their target audience without having access to individual user data or accounts. This type of analysis can be extremely useful in understanding what types of content people are engaging with most often so that you can adjust accordingly in order to maximize viewership numbers and engagement levels over time.

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Understanding Negative Feedback & Dislike:

Negative feedback should not be taken personally but rather used as an opportunity for improvement instead. It’s important not to delete any comments or block anyone from commenting on future videos as this could damage relationships with viewers and potentially lead them away from watching future content altogether. Instead focus on addressing any valid criticisms raised by viewers while also acknowledging positive feedback whenever possible; this will show viewers that their opinions matter while also demonstrating that you value constructive criticism even if it doesn’t always agree with yours!

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Tips For Increasing Likes On Your Videos:

In order to increase the number of likes on your videos there are several things that you should consider doing such as creating engaging titles/descriptions, using high quality visuals/audio, optimizing keywords for search engine results pages (SERPs), regularly promoting new content via social media channels, responding quickly & politely to comments & questions left by viewers, etc.. Additionally, utilizing techniques such as A/B testing or split testing can help identify which elements of a particular piece of content resonate best with viewers so that adjustments can be made accordingly before publishing future videos!

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Knowing who disliked your YouTube video is essential for understanding how viewers are responding to your content and making necessary changes in order improve viewership numbers & engagement levels over time; however it’s important not take any negative feedback personally but rather use it as an opportunity for improvement instead! Additionally utilizing third-party tools & A/B testing techniques alongside other strategies such as creating engaging titles/descriptions & regularly promoting new content via social media channels can help increase likes on future videos significantly!


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Q1) Is there a way I can find out exactly who disliked my YouTube video?

A1) Unfortunately no; however analyzing viewer analytics provided by YouTube along with utilizing third-party tools may allow users gain valuable insights into how their content is being received by their target audience without having access individual user data or accounts!

Q2) Are there any strategies I should consider when trying increase likes on my videos?

A2) Yes; creating engaging titles/descriptions using high quality visuals/audio optimizing keywords for SERPs regularly promoting new content via social media channels responding quickly & politely comments & questions left by viewers etc., are all great strategies consider when trying increase likes on future videos!

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