In terms of the latest statistics, YouTube can be referred to as the third most visited website on the world wide web. Although it is behind Google and Facebook, the wide variety of videos available on this website makes it a popular choice.

In this article we will be talking about “how to find commercial free music on Youtube?”, so you can easily monetize them.

But first, let’s begin with the basics.

What is Youtube content ID and why do you need to be worried about it?

how to find commercial free music on YouTube?
How To Find Commercial Free Music On YouTube? 3

The YouTube Content ID is basically an algorithm that automatically scans all the videos that have been uploaded on YouTube. The Content ID algorithm checks all the content that has been used in making the music, images, or more is under copyright. 

For instance, if you upload a video on YouTube with the song “Perfect-Ed Sheeran” in the background, this Content ID algorithm will scan the video and then notify Ed Sheeran that his song is being used in the video. What would happen after this scenario will depend on numerous factors such as YouTube might mute your video in some or all countries, it might automatically eliminate the video, etc.

However, this situation can be avoided by adding commercial free music to your videos while creating content on YouTube. Some SEO studies have also revealed that adding the right commercial free music to your YouTube videos will improve your ranking incredibly. It will also help you fetch more views for your YouTube video.

Where can you find commercial free music on YouTube?

You can find commercial free music on YouTube on several web pages. These web pages will direct you to songs with or without lyrics, sound effects, and more essentials for free up to some extent. These websites or platforms such as the Audio Library will help you find the most accurate commercial free music for your YouTube videos. 

But what’s really important to keep in mind is that if you see an attributions icon, it means the song is under a Creative Commons License. It is important to mention the artist of the song in the description of the YouTube video to avoid any uncertain circumstances.

However, in some cases where people won’t feel like attributing the author, there are many marketplaces dedicated specifically to commercial free music on YouTube.

How to know if a song is commercial free on YouTube?

how to find commercial free music on YouTube?
How To Find Commercial Free Music On YouTube? 4

If you feel like you are unsure about whether a song is commercial free on YouTube or not, you can do the following things.

  • You can go to the Public Domain Info website, This website will tell you if it is completely alright to use a song in a YouTube video or not, in terms of commercial free music.
  • You can also lookup for a particular song on YouTube and look for the original artist of the song. The copyright information regarding this song will be mentioned in the video description of the original song. You can look up the “Music in the video” section for reference. 
  • You can also simply upload the song in the YouTube video and let the YouTube Content ID algorithm do the checking. If it is a commercial free music, you would not get any kind of warning.
  • You can also hire a company that can help you with copyright law.