If you're wondering how to get started watching YouTube on your TV by connecting it to your phone using the code, here's how. YouTube is one of the largest video and content platforms today. Learn How to enter the code on YouTube. It has over 2 billion monthly users and is sure to keep growing. YouTube has various other products like YouTube TV, YouTube kids, and YouTube premium. Here's how to enter the code on YouTube to start watching the content on your smart TV.

how to enter the code on YouTube

Features of YouTube and its services 

Here's listing some features of YouTube and its services like YouTube TV that are unmatched anywhere else and why you need to start watching them on a bigger screen. 

YouTube allows unlimited storage

YouTube services such as YouTube TV use YouTube's very own cloud storage. That means no additional DVR fees, plus an unlimited recording of your favorite program. One thing to note here is YouTube doesn't let you record single episodes. But given the enormous storage capacity at YouTube's expense, I say, why not?

Choose from the most sought-after channels

YouTube TV is a collection of the most-watched TV channels in the genres of news, entertainment, and sports. It has over 85+ popular channels up for enjoyment in good quality. 

Fix your appointments before the game 

If you're a sports fan, it should mean a lot to you. You can pick your favorite team across several sports and add them to your library. Whenever there's a game of your favorite team, it'll be auto-recorded in your library.  

No extra fees 

Most streaming services come with hidden costs in the form of storage or broadcast fees. With YouTube TV or YouTube premium, there are no such costs, and everything that you pay is when you do it at the beginning when buying your plan. 

You can opt for extra add-ons like 4K streaming by paying a few more bucks, though. 

Growing a YouTube channel is tough, especially without the right number of subscribers and channel reactions.

Here's how to enter the code on YouTube 

You can use your phone to connect the YouTube TV to your smart TV or any streaming device. You can do this using a code. Using this, you can stream YouTube TV even when your TV isn't connected to WiFi. 

how to enter the code on YouTube

Where to look for code? 

  • Open the YouTube app on your TV or whatever streaming device you want to connect your phone to and scroll to settings. 
  • You can find an option titled "Link with TV code," which on pressing generates a blue code on your smart TV. 
  • Now on your phone, continue with the same steps. Go to YouTube and your account. Click on settings and then choose "Watch on TV."
  • You can now see a section titled "Enter TV code." Pick the code that you found on your TV and then enter it in the spaces given. Your phone is now connected to your TV. 
  • Now, use your phone to choose the content that you want to view or stream. Your TV doesn't need to be connected to WiFi for you to be able to do this. Of course, watching content on a larger screen has never been easier than this. 

Advantages of this tool

  • Enjoy the content on a bigger screen. The larger the screen, the multiplied the viewing experience.
  • Your TV doesn’t need to be connected to your WiFi for this. You can save a lot of your data while also continuing to enjoy a large-scale experience.
  • All the functions of YouTube are also available for YouTube on smart TVs, and you can control some of them using your phone.

It concludes our tutorial on "How to enter the code on YouTube."