How to Earn Money with YouTube?
How to Earn Money with YouTube? 3

How to Make Money on YouTube

YouTube has made it possible for millions of individuals to make money doing what they love. Just like any business you may venture into, you need to know what kind of revenue you desire to generate from YouTube. Do you want to earn money with YouTube from your products or are you interested in promoting other brands’ products and services on your channel?

 Is making money on YouTube easy?

Like many commerce platforms, YouTube is not a get-rich quick space. However, with enough knowledge and dedication, you can start generating revenue from your channel within a short period. If you are just getting started on YouTube, we have an article here that will take you through the steps of becoming a YouTuber.

Most YouTubers are ok making money solely from ads. Fortunately, there are other several ways to make money besides ads. How much you make on YouTube depends on how dedicated and creative you are.

This article lets you into some ways to scale up your revenue so that you enjoy every bit of being YouTuber:

1.     Become an Affiliate

An affiliate simply promotes different brands' services or products on their platform. It is easier to become an affiliate since there are no requirements needed for this. As an affiliate, you earn each time a brand you are promoting makes a sale from the link that you provide on any of your videos.

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There are several affiliate networks that you can join. The most common ones are the amazon affiliate program and click bank. All you have to do is follow the instructions given on each of these websites and sign up for free.

Your affiliate commission depends on the number of sales you make. This means that your sales will increase with your channel popularity.

2.     YouTube Partner Program

YouTube partner program let you run ads on your channel so as to monetize it as much as possible. Even though, this program is only available to successful YouTube channels. How do you tell your channel meets the criteria for this program?

  1. You must have at least 4000 watch hours in the past 12 months
  2. You must have at least 1000 subscribers for the past 12 months.

Do you meet the above conditions? If so, here is how to join the program:

  • Click on your account icon at the top right of your channel homepage. Select creator studio.
  • Click channel on the left- hand side then select features.
  • Click enable under the monetization box.
  • The next step is to agree to the program’s terms and conditions. You have to sign up for an AdSense account; this is a platform where you can receive your revenue.
  • The last step is to set up your ads hosting as you wish. Submit your channel for review by following the provided instructions.

You will receive an email stating whether you have been accepted into the program. Expect this email within one week.

3.     Attract Advertisers

There are several advertisements and sponsorships that you will see on the most popular YouTube channels. Sponsorship gives you an upper hand in bargaining your contact depending on the number of subscribers you have. Remember consistency is the key in becoming the most sought-after YouTuber by brands.

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4.     Make Premium Video Sales

Making money from selling premium videos should be your end goal rather than depending on the ads revenue that may not be as much as you desire. Building a brand name is the number one step towards meeting your revenue goals. The next step is to send your audience to your landing pages where they can buy premium videos.

Yondo is a platform that allows you to create your store and sell videos as much as you can use your unique domain. The most amazing fact about selling your videos is that you can regulate the price and you won't have to share your revenue with YouTube.

5.     Create your Products, Sell Them

You can ride on Your Tube's popularity to sell your products.  It is the second largest search engine after Google. This makes it a good platform to market your products.

You can also start your e-commerce store front using Shopify. This helps you come up with videos that are relevant to the products that you are selling. You will make sales as long as your product videos speak to your audience.

6.     Become an influencer

The most common influencer program out there is Amazon. The program allows content creators to maximize their earnings on YouTube by letting them recommend products on Amazon to their audience.

YouTubers are able to review and recommend certain products sold by amazon; they then direct their viewers to purchase using affiliate links. Amazon gives them a commission when people buy through their links.

 For you to be part of the program, you need to have met the conditions set by Amazon.

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7. Become good at SEO

You might be asking yourself how you will make money from becoming good at Search Engine Optimization! Unless you have a large audience on YouTube, you cannot ignore keyword optimization.

Create content by looking at the keywords that people key in when searching for content in your niche. This will give you an idea of the words to use on your videos, description boxes and tags. Familiarise yourself with the terms used by your audience when searching for content on YouTube.

So, how much can one earn from YouTube?

There is no answer to this question. As you may have noted from above, there are so many ways to earn from YouTube. How much one earns depends on the monetization programs they are signed to

Some YouTubers may not be making any single coin from while others make millions of dollars per year. Why? How much you make will highly depend on your niche and the number of views you get per video.

The most viewed niches on YouTube include; news, celebrity world, makeup, gossip and lifestyle.  YouTubers in these niches may make more in a short while.

To make money on YouTube, you have to think for ways to monetize your channel from the start. Competition may be stiff but with a proper strategy in mind, you will make money out of YouTube.

 Last words

There is no shortcut to making money on YouTube. Creating content that adds value to your audience is one way to grow your audience rapidly. You can then use any of the methods discussed above to generate revenue. Each of the methods above has been proven to work!