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How to earn money with YouTube? 4

Money on your mind or its stardom? Well, with YouTube you get both as twin brothers. In general, YouTube stars are considered self-made celebrities because they earn it on their own. It’s not just the passion that makes one shine but the content, entertainment, and relation they build over a period of time. And when it comes to answering the question of how to earn money with Youtube, there are a lot of things to consider.

Though the reason behind creating their channel many of such successful small-screen celebs wasn’t actually monetization; but to make use of the platform to showcase their talent.

But as we all know, with hard work comes whelming results. A time comes when a content creator turns his passion to profession and this is when the question, how to earn money with YouTube tickles our minds. Well, let’s answer this and get you on board with making money on YouTube. Keep reading!

The inception

The initial stage comprises of joining the YouTube Partners Program and settling down with the monetization process. Well, you won’t be able to do it if your channel just took birth on this platform. Applying for monetization requires at least 1,000 subscribers along with 4,000 watch hours. To nurture your channel well to hit this benchmark! Once done, there are steps to enable monetization as mentioned below.

  • Start with signing in to your YouTube account
  • Look for the icon for your account at the top right corner
  • Click on YouTube Studio
  • Look for other features in the left menu and click on monetization.
  • You will find YouTuber Partner program coming up. Read and agree to proceed.
  • If you already have an Adsense account, link it to your channel or else create a new one.
  • Go through the monetization preferences and set it as per choice.
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 Now, there’s something in store for you if you're looking for the answer to the question of how to earn money with Youtube. Go back to your dashboard and click the analytics tab.  Select revenue and you will get to see a prediction of Monthly Estimated Revenue. Cool, isn’t it? Well, you have just started your journey.

While, earning from Adsense is the most common practice carried out for several years, there are plenty of other ways you should look forward to. The reason behind this is, your content should fall under the ‘advertiser friendly’ policy. Besides, YouTube doesn’t pay you if viewers don’t click or skip ads before 10 seconds.  

What does it mean? It means somehow, there’s a dependency on advertisers to create creative advertisements so as to drag viewers’ interest. However, YouTube has done a great job by introducing YouTube Premium which makes you free from the issues mentioned above.

With YouTube Premium, there’s no place for advertisements to play any role, both for viewers and creators. Viewers get to experience ad-free surfing through videos while creators get more engagement towards their hard work. Now, you must be thinking, how to make money with YouTube if there are no ads on videos.

Well, revenue generation can be taken as a secondary yet vital way with YouTube Premium. In this case, creators earn from content consumed by viewers, be it members or non-members of YouTube Premium.        

Become a seller of merchandise

Selling products through your YouTube channel is a practice to be taken under consideration. Be it coffee mugs, t-shirts, bags, or whatever you think you will do well can benefit you. It’s not just about monetizing but, this can higher your exposure to the online world along with building good relationships with your fans. They would love to make a purchase; after all, they are your fan and would defiantly support your initiatives.

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The initial days might seem difficult but with time passing by, you are surely going to reap all the benefits of a dropshipping business. This is because as a content creator and influencer, you are not going to manufacture products, rather do dropship of customized products under your brand name.

Later on, to minimize completion in terms of discounts and various other aspects, you can take a step further with the manufacture and sale of your own products. This is one of the best ways and probably the most popular answer to the question of how to earn money with Youtube. Good luck!

How to Earn Money from YouTube Channel

Look out for brands to work with

You aren’t new to this world of social media. Considering this, we can assume that you have noticed the power of influence marketing these days. This is because of brands pouring a huge amount of their advertising budget into influencers.

Well, it’s not only because the influencers already have won loyalty and consist of an audience base, but because they have seen profits pouring back to them. Now, if you have a stronghold on your fans regardless of the count, you could search for brands to tie up with.

Do you know which platform is the highest-paid platform for brand collaborations for influencers? YouTube! Feeling lucky that you are already at a good level on the platform? Well, you are!

But, before you make the move, be sure about the product or brand you are going to promote. Understand it well, do research, and if possible, experience it yourself. This is because any false promise or worthless product, unknowingly promoted by you can hamper your image amongst your fan base.

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Though, in the initial stages, they might ask you to work for free but don’t back off hearing this. Everything has to begin somewhere and this applies to influence marketing too. Win trust both with your audience and the brand you are working for; be dedicated, high-monetary benefits will be waiting for you.   

Spread your word to other channels – The more the better     

Yes, you upload videos quite often and getting a good number of views! But, will you stop there? No! Publish your offerings on various other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and so on. This will not just drag attention and make people notice you, but also works well with your reputation and legitimacy.

 How to make money with YouTube via crowdfunding?

You are ready with an idea to implement, but it’s the money that is holding you back from executing the same. Crowdfunding is the best way to help you with this! Be it purchasing new equipment, hiring actors, or any other associated costs, you can pitch the same to your own audience. If they find your idea and vision to be compelling, they are surely going to fund you with what they could.

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