How to create a brand account on YouTube? Let’s find out.


In today’s time, promoting your business, brand, or services virtually is pretty important. YouTube as a virtual platform gives a fantastic opportunity to showcase your brand and reach a wider audience. Adding useful videos that talk about your businesses or services helps you grow the business and sustain it amongst other competitors.

YouTube allows for creating your own brand channel that can give your brand a virtual identity. This article talks about How to Create a Brand Account on YouTube to make it digitally proficient!

How to Create a Brand Account on YouTube

YouTube Brand Account -What is it?

A YouTube Brand account allows you to create a separate brand account for your business or brand. It is a separate account from your personal YouTube account and it is advised to use only for promoting your brand! Whenever possible keep your personal account and brand account on YouTube separate. Let the brand account be professional and talk about or showcase everything related to your brand only!

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You can manage the brand account by yourself or allow channel managers from your business team to handle the brand account. By doing this, you can keep the account updated with the newest videos all the time. Being the owner of the brand channel, you have the liberty to add, remove managers, edit the information, manage your videos, reply to the comments, etc.

Setting Up Brand Account on YouTube

How to Create a Brand Account on YouTube

Now that you know what a YouTube Brand account is, let us demystify the common question – How to Create a Brand Account on YouTube!

To get started, simply login to your YouTube with personal account credentials. If you have a Google account, it will be better. You can link the credentials to the YouTube account directly. After you log in, click on “create new channel”, add a name for the YouTube Brand account and create your brand-new YouTube Brand account.

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It is very important that you add a brand name that is similar to your business or brand name. Avoid any random names or jargon here, otherwise, it gets difficult for viewers to identify your brand account on YouTube. Keep the name crisp and easy to identify with. Also do not add any numbers, or difficult words when creating your brand account.

Make it Interesting with Customization

  • In order to understand How to Create a Brand Account on YouTube and make your brand account stand out or be memorable, these easy tips will make it look professional and interesting:
  • You can change the channel icon in your brand account by uploading the image from your personal image folders. Ensure that the image fits in the given format and space too.
  • You can also personalize your brand account with channel art options. It allows for a visually appealing brand account image. Plus, viewers will likely remember your business account on the same basis.
  • You can add all the necessary information about your brand in the “About” tab. Make sure you add the useful info in a crisp format. Add sentences with appropriate keywords in them for easy visibility.
  • Mention your contact email, website and social media account links as well for viewers to connect with you regarding your products or services. It is the ultimate marketing strategy to connect with your future customers with a digital presence.
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Brand Account Benefits

Now that you have a clear idea about How to Create a Brand Account on YouTube, let’s talk about its benefits as well. Keeping your business or brand virtually active is the ultimate need in order to sustain the dynamic shifts in the business arena.

It is crucial to keep your business account on YouTube active and approachable always! It allows you to reach a wider audience and help grow your business on a monetary level as well. Plus, the more popular your account is, the more monetary returns you can receive from YouTube.

Now you must be sharing useful and impressive content with videos but getting the required response from the viewers is equally important. Popular social media growth agencies allow you to get more likes to your YouTube videos that can help create a better virtual image for your brand. With more people liking your videos, it creates assurance amongst new viewers who can start following your channel pretty soon!

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