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The joy of YouTube is not something that needs an introduction. Starting from watching whatever and whenever to creating the same is something which keeps stick to this application for prolonged ours. But with so much in the bucket that YouTube offers, situations do come where we might get stuck while doing things on our own and need to contact YouTube support.


 Be it common issues such as content problems, usability to issues like copyright claiming, security breaches, etc, YouTube support got you covered. No matter if you are a viewer or a creator, there can be scenarios where you would seek help from YouTube. But is it possible to just give a call and get help? Well, it’s a big no when talking about YouTube.

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Many users of this video jungle, get stuck with the question, how to contact YouTube support? Well, there are many ways to do so. But, the sad truth is that doors of each of them is not open for all. Come let’s find out!


Place your query on their Twitter account - @TeamYouTube

Doesn’t matter if you are a viewer or creator of videos, the fastest way to get the answer to your question is by contacting YouTube’s Twitter account with no ifs and buts about it. They answer questions consistently and are rather eager to get to know if any unusual thing is taking place on the platform.

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With support to almost nine languages, you will find them operating for almost 24 hours a day. Now, you might notice that you’re being redirected to YouTube’s help pages or face automated responses. This isn’t something to surprise you, as there are millions of users on this platform out of which many keep seeking help.

To manage such a rush, it’s quite obvious that YouTube uses such automated responses to ease the task and to deliver a quick response. Another reason behind the same is that they want to be aware of policies and processes which they have already published before giving personal assistance.

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The second option’s to connect with YouTube Support is YouTube Help Community

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As the name suggests, this resource doesn’t only comprise of YouTube official team support but, includes other YouTube users forming a community for help. The reason behind choosing this method is because there are several categories already listed to choose from as per your requirement.

Now, as it’s a community, it means that anyone and everyone could ask questions and state answers. Though, there are product experts with whom you can double-check the answer provided to you. In addition to this, you will also have the option to go through the community database. There are specialists, who might have already answered the question you have in mind. Still, stuck? No issues! Ask what you are looking for via the link available at the bottom of the page.

Talking about video creators, there’s a ‘Get Support’ link that you can utilize for assisting with areas of YouTube you are seeking help for. Now, in this case, the size of your channel does matter as it will showcase various ways of how to contact YouTube support. The easiest way among them is email support.

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Online chat with YouTube support– Available with curtailment

It’s not only for you, but even for YouTube, it would have been great customer support if they could be available with one-on-one live chat support. But with millions of users, is that possible? Of course not! So, the question remains how to contact YouTube support via chat?

Well, it’s possible but it comes with some restrictions so as to help them serve you better. Live chat from YouTube demands over 25,000 subscribers and at least 100,000 hours of watch time from channels to avail of the service. If you are eligible, all you need to do is to fill out a form and click 'start chat'.

How to contact YouTube support for Monetization help

While you are on the page of your YouTube channel, get into the creator studio and look for the monetization section. Once you get through, you will find a help and feedback section from which you can send feedback or a message.

Well, apart from queries related to monetization, you can report any other issues that you might be facing.  With its availability on almost all YouTube pages, you can make use of this function easily.  

Stay updated with YouTube creator insider channel

Are you willing to stay updated with the latest features, bugs, and other pieces of stuff related to YouTube? Well, make sure that you subscribe to the Creator Insider YouTube channel. If your moto is about communicating about YouTube as a whole, you can definitely be a part of this. Don’t consider it as a support for your issues; rather it’s a YouTube team-driven channel that will keep you posted with what’s up.

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Looking for more ways to contact YouTube support? Check this

Well, we've mentioned the best possible methods above. Still, there are other options that you can make use of. Though they are quite old-fashioned and nowadays it’s hard to find people choosing such ways especially if it’s about contacting YouTube.

Wanna know how to contact YouTube support in an old-school style? Well, +16502530001 is the fax number which can help you communicate with them. Yes, you heard it right, fax! Though all others might be contacting them via Twitter, emails, and chats, sending a fax might gift you with a quick response, because it’s an option out of the blues.

Apart from this, there are several YouTube offices around the world. You could try sending a snail mail to reach them out but it seems you won’t choose this option though. Well, it’s up to you! And in case you need support because you want to gain more views for your videos, click here!