Starting in 2021, YouTube introduced a new feature that allows users to cut down the videos into shorter segments. These are going to be called YouTube clips. Here's a complete How-To on "How to clip a YouTube video?"

how to clip a YouTube video?

What are YouTube Clips? 

YouTube clips are one of the platform's newest features where creators or viewers can take short segments of the videos and share them instead of sharing the complete ones. Often in the YouTube videos, you'd want to edit specific sections out to the only share. They're usually the highlight of a video, and you might need to see or share the complete 30-minute video for that epic segment. That's when YouTube clips come into the picture. 

With this feature, the users can simply filter a segment out of the video and make a separate YouTube link for that part. When one shares the cut-out part, the one who clicks on the link will only be taken to that specific segment in the video. 

How to clip a YouTube video?

In this tutorial on how to clip YouTube videos (2021), we will be teaching creators and viewers precisely that. Here's how you cut YouTube videos. 

All content creators on YouTube need the initial impetus of subscribers, views and likes to steer their channel past the YouTube algorithm.

For viewers:

  • Sign in to your YouTube account. Clipping videos aren't available for watching without signing in.  
  • Once you're signed in, pick a video you'd want to clip parts out of and look for the clip sign. It's a pair of scissors beside the thumbs-down button. 
  • A box comes up, letting you select a video section using timestamps or even sliding the video right and left. 
  • You can also add a title to your clip and then share the clipped part using a new link. 
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Sharing the clip 

Sharing the clip is just like sharing any other YouTube video. You click on the Share button to generate a bunch of shareable options. 

You can either share the clip to other social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, or Twitter or can also directly mail the clip. Or you can choose to embed the video copying the embedded link into a website. 

how to clip a YouTube video?

How to clip a YouTube Video? FAQs 

What is the ownership status of the clips? 

The clips to a specific video are all owned by the original creator. The views count, audience, and ad revenue are all directed to the original video of the clip. Anyone who is led to the clips using the link can choose to play the complete video. Otherwise, the link keeps playing on loops in the clip segment. 

What is the duration of the clips? 

A particular clip can be of 5 seconds at the minimum to 60 seconds at the max. You can adjust the time of the clips using the box that appears on clicking the 'clip' icon. 

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Yes, the link for every clip leads you to the same video, except it only plays the clipped part on loop. When on the clip, you can choose to play the complete video too. 

For the creators 

If you're a creator and don't want viewers to clip your videos, here's how you can do that: 

  • Sign in to your YouTube account
  • Now go to and click settings. 
  • You need to click on 'channel' and then advanced settings. 
  • There are numerous setting options in the advanced setting menu, where you've got to click on Clips. 
  • You can now see the option to turn off the clipping option for your viewers. Click on "Don't allow viewers to clip content." 

The users can no longer clip your videos. If you're a viewer and can't see the option to clip a video, the chances are that the creator has turned it off. It completes our guide on 'How to clip a YouTube Video?'