Clearing your YouTube history is quite simple to do. We will be taking you along and providing you with a step-by-step guide, through which you can delete any search or watch history on YouTube. In this article, we will discuss how to clear YouTube history from mobile and PC.

Using a Smartphone (Android/iOS)

Step 1                 

Launch your YouTube application.

Launch your YouTube application
How to Clear YouTube History 6

Step 2                 

To delete the history, you must log in to your account. Once you have entered your email and password, you will be shown a list of all the searches and the videos you have watched.

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Step 3                 

Click on your channel’s profile picture, which will be displayed on the top right corner of the screen.

Click on your channel’s profile picture
How to Clear YouTube History 7

Step 4                 

After you tap on the profile picture, you will be shown an extensive list of options to choose from. Tap on “Settings”, which will show you a list of other options. Scroll down from here and tap on “Clear Watch History”. This particular option will be displayed under “History and Privacy”. If you can’t see the option of “Clear Watch History”, click on “History and Privacy” and it will reveal the rest of the options.

History and Privacy
How to Clear YouTube History 8

Step 5                 

The option to “Clear Search History” will be located right underneath “Clear Watch History”. If you're using an Android phone, it will display a prompt to confirm whether you want to clear the history. Clicking on “OK” will confirm the action and YouTube will clear your search history immediately.

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Clear Watch History
How to Clear YouTube History 9

Confirming all these actions will get rid of the search and watch history from your mobile and you will begin with a clean slate again.

Using Your Desktop (PC/Mac)

Step 1                 

You will need to go to through any browser application installed. This will launch the YouTube home page with all of your relevant recommendations if you are logged in. If you are not logged in to your YouTube account, a sign-in option will be displayed on the top right of the screen. Click on it and enter your email address and password. After logging in, YouTube will show you recommendations based on your recent searches and watched videos.

Step 2                 

The next step is to click on the option of “History”. This option is conveniently displayed on the left side of the screen, next to the list of recommended videos.

Step 3                 

Clicking on history will show you all of your recently watched videos on the left. The option to clear search history will be given on the right side. Once you click on “Clear All Watch History”, it will immediately delete history of all the videos watched from that specific email account.

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Step 4                 

Now clear the search history, for which you will need to click on the circular button that is located below “Watch History”. After clicking on the button, you will be prompted to confirm that you wish to delete all the search history made from this account. Tapping on “Yes” will successfully clear your YouTube history.

Now that you know how to clear YouTube history using both smartphones and desktop devices, we are confident that you won’t have any issues regarding this in the future.