How to change YouTube URL
How to change YouTube URL? 13

The address of a web page is called the URL, which stands for Uniform Resource Locator. In other words, URL is in essence is how people find your website. In the case of YouTube, URL is the address of your YouTube page. When you make a channel or upload a video on YouTube, the site provides you with a URL, but what if you don’t like the one provided. What to then and how to change YouTube URL?


Suppose you don’t know your URL and want to find out the URL of your YouTube channel. Then, you have to log in to your YouTube account first. After you have signed in, go to your channel. Here, on your channel page, you will find your channel’s URL address. You can also copy the URL from here. The URL that you will find on your channel’s page will be your YouTube channel ID-based URL.

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The most important aspect of these URLs is that you don’t necessarily have to stick to the initial URL that YouTube has generated and provided. YouTube enables you to pick the URL of your liking or pick from the already available customized URLs. Customized URLs are usually shorter and therefore are easy to remember.

But before you go gaga about this special feature on YouTube, you have to keep in mind that enable this feature you first have to fulfill some requirements, and these are mandatory, which are set forth by YouTube. This simply means that not everyone can have the URLs of their liking.

In order to earn a custom URL, your account must qualify and should be in sync with YouTube’s required criteria.

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Let’s look at the qualifications that make you eligible for getting a custom URL and how to change YouTube URL?

What enables you to change YouTube URL?

The first question that will come to your mind might be why someone wants to get a custom URL for their channel?

The precise answer to this query is that if you want to stand out among and above the billion of other YouTube channels, then getting a custom URL for your channels is one of the easiest ways to achieve this. The qualifications you need to access this feature are usually based on your linked and verification domain or legacy username and your current display name.

  • Now let’s briefly discuss all the requirements you need to fulfill to become eligible for getting a custom URL for your YouTube channel.
  • First and foremost, you need to have at least 500 subscribers.
  • Your channel has to be 30 days old.
  • Your channel needs to have an uploaded photo of the channel icon.
  • Your channel must stand in a good position i.e.; you must not have uploaded anything via your channel, which might breach the guidelines of YouTube or is against the set rules of YouTube.
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It seems like these are the requirements that are not that hard to meet. And if you are already in-sync with this criterion, then you are just a few steps away from getting your custom URL.

How to change YouTube URL?

If you are sure that you qualify to get a custom URL, you just have to follow some simple steps to attain it.

  1. First and foremost, you have to Log-in into your YouTube account.
  2. Select ‘Settings’ by clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner. Then from the settings menu, select ‘Advanced Account Settings’.
  3. Now select ‘You are eligible for a custom URL’ from Under Channel Settings. YouTube will only show you this link or option in your profile if you meet all the requirements of YouTube’s eligibility criteria for getting a custom URL.
  4. Look under the ‘Get custom URL Box’ to look at custom URLs that you are allowed to use. The writing in the grey box there cannot be changed. But you can change the remainder of the link. When you change the remainder text, you will get a unique URL for your channel.
  5. Don’t forget the terms and conditions stated and discussed in the ‘Custom URL Terms of use Section’, before you click on the ‘Change URL’ option.
  6. In order to make sure that your URL has come out exactly how you wanted it to appear to the user, double-check it. Make sure it’s error-free and no spelling mistakes are being made.
  7. Click ‘Confirm Choice’, once you are a hundred pc sure that the URL is the same as how you wanted it to be.
  8. People will be able to access your YouTube channel homepage via a unique custom URL, once you confirm it. For instance, your unique custom URL might look like See how short and easily memorable the custom URL looks.
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In case you want to change your custom URL once again or don’t like the one you have already set, you can change it anytime by removing the previous custom URL and adding the new one.

You will simply have to log in to the YouTube Account or channel’s profile. Remove your current URL from the ‘About Me’ section. People can no longer access your channel via your previous URL once you have removed it. From here, you have to repeat the same steps that are mentioned above.


Getting your own unique and custom URL is not only a wonderful idea but sometimes it’s necessary as well. You definitely need to have a URL that goes with your channel’s brand personality and matches with the content you upload on it. This way people can relate to your more and it would be easier for them to remember the name of your channel, as it will be shorter and relatable. Moreover, choosing your own custom URL will also enable you to do on the URL which will help your channel rank well on YouTube.

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 So, folks, this was all you might want to know about how to change YouTube URL.