How to change YouTube URL? Let's see.

URLs are the unique addresses that lead your audience to your YouTube channel. They're a bunch of unique codes containing letters and numbers that are all different from account to account. A particular YouTube channel can have multiple URLs, each different from the other. YouTube directs the viewers using all the URLs of the channel to the same home page. In this tutorial, we're going to learn how to change YouTube URL. 

Before we get started, it's essential to learn a few basics of URLs and why they're needed

URL, which stands for Uniform Resource Locator, is a unique address to a particular resource on the internet. All websites, social media, etc., have URLs — they're a tool to land on to their pages and differentiate one website from another. YouTube assigns a URL to each one of its registered channels. The creators can share the URLs to have fans come over to their channel. 

All the YouTube channels have unique URLs — since the URLs are the identifiers of each one of them. 

how to change YouTube URL

How to find your channel's URL?

To find out what the URL to your YouTube channel is, follow these steps: 

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  • Sign in to your YouTube account
  • Click on customization and then Basic Info. 
  • There's an option labelled 'Channel URL.' You can view or copy it to your needs. This URL, when shared with your fans, would lead them to your home page. 

Here are the different types of URLs

URLs can be of different types. They can be unique codes assigned by YouTube, the custom ones, or legacy usernames.

ID-based URLs 

These are the random code of numbers and letters assigned by the YouTube algorithm to each channel's address.

It follows the syntax:<insertrandomcharacters>

Custom URL 

Custom URLs are the shorter and customized URL forms that aren't some random numbers and letters but some word that is easy to comprehend. Custom URLs can be in the form of a channel's display name or a verified web domain. Not all channels can create their custom URLs right off the bat. Here's what you need to have your custom URLs:

  • Your account needs to have at least 100 subscribers and be a month old. 
  • Your account should have a profile picture and a banner image. 
  • Once you've claimed your custom URL, you can check and verify this in your account's basic info setting. 

Its syntax is along the lines of:<any unique name>

Legacy URL 

Legacy URLs are those that have their legacy usernames on the links. Older YouTube channels might have the legacy usernames that they can add to their custom URLs. 

Please remember that YouTube can and does disable custom URLs at times when the URL could be associated with any deleted account. 

how to change YouTube URL

Here's how to change YouTube URL

URLs can be chosen based on the following ideas: the display name, YouTube legacy usernames, current vanity URLs, or linked website domain names. 

Tip: YouTube's custom URLs aren't case-sensitive, so adding capitals or small letters to your address would do the same. 

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Follow these steps on how to change YouTube URL (Custom URL) 

You need to ensure that your account is eligible for a custom URL at first. If you're, you can check its status in the basic info setting. 

  • Once you've found out that you're eligible, go to YouTube studio and click customization and basic info. 
  • Hover to Channel URL, where you can check out your current URL. Click on set a custom URL from the options. You can now see your custom URL. Add some letters and numbers to make it unique, and you're done. 
  • Click 'Publish' followed by the 'Confirm' option. Your custom URL is ready to be shared. 

Things to remember 

A custom URL cannot be changed once it's set. So, ensure that you want a particularly customized URL before clicking confirm. Also, custom URLs are non-transferable. 

It is all that you need to know in 'How to change YouTube URL'. 

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