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How to become a YouTube creator? 5

This is a question that has always been on fire. Yes, on a daily basis there are loads of newly built channels and numerous videos being uploaded. But does it mean, uploading videos on your channel is all you need to do? If you think so, you’re so wrong! The journey of being an established YouTube creator isn’t an easy coup.

You must have heard that behind every successful man, there’s a woman. Similarly, behind every successful Content creator on YouTube, there are milestones of hard work, dedication, and grapple.

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Consider your journey of becoming a YouTube creator as planting a tree. So what would you require to help it grow? Initial investments, a process to follow, nurturing your skills, and of course a lot of conscientiousness. This post covers all that it takes to become a successful YouTube creator. Here we go!

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Determine the niche you would consider

Start small! Be specific with a niche that interests you. If you try making videos on various topics, it’s quite possible that you would be lacking behind on quality content. Do a quick research on the genre you are planning to start with so as to decipher the base of the videos which other YouTubers upload.   

The best advantage of having a clear picture of any particular niche is that it brings in relevant audiences to your channel, maintains consistency, and also helps you grow your knowledge regarding the same which turns you more of an expert. Once you gain a milestone, for example, ten thousand subscribers, you can choose to diversify your content to attract more. 

Choose your goal As a YouTube Creator

Now that you have decided to become a YouTube creator, the goal behind should be clear to you. What are you looking to attain through your channel? Is it going to be a helping hand for people by the creation of informative videos? Is it a skill from which you would like others to get help? Or perhaps sharing stories and entertaining people is your motto. 

Answering these will not only give a direction to your channel but also help you kick start your journey a bit easier. Yes, apart from this, there is a goal that is common for all of us, the name and fame which come along with monetary benefits. But to achieve the same, you need to generate value for your audience first.

Timetable scheduling is important to become a YouTube Creator

Consistency is a must when you have plans to let your subscribers keep a count on your upcoming videos. It keeps you on track and marshals your efforts to the fullest. 

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It’s a good idea to consider working on a schedule that would be easier for you to manage. In this way, you will also lower the probability of missing out on content ideas. For the beginning, it’s suggested to keep a weekly schedule consisting of one or more videos... choose as per your comfort.

Check out your pieces of equipment

 Stop! Don’t think of investing in expensive equipment. Initial days just demand a computer with good specs and a high-speed internet connection. Yes, investing in video editing software is a good deal to go for as it’s all about videos. Isn’t? 

Now comes the audio part, if your video requires you to speak on it, go for adding up a microphone to your equipment list. Audio is something crucial and influences viewers’ interest while watching videos.

how to become a youtube creator

Optimization of your YouTube channel As a YouTube Creator

 So the basics are clear with you now, it’s time for some optimization. Let’s break it into a few simple steps for an easy understanding. 

  • Distinctive and appealing channel name
  • Attractive ‘about’ section which should be comprised of short paragraphs for itemizing readability.
  • Insert some keywords in your description sincerely along with your content. 
  • Profile banner should resemble your content and also portray that you are a credible creator. 
  • An icon that leaves a mark on viewers so that they can easily identify your videos in future

To perform these tasks, you can also take professional help or else could simply search for easily available DIY websites which would help you create the same. 

Channel trailer is equally important

Captivation! This should be the target to be achieved with the help of your trailer. The Channel trailer quickly summarizes the contents which a viewer can fetch from your channel. So give enough time to create a channel trailer as it will help you, twig viewers, to your video world. 

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Thumbnail is the bottle opener

A user is scrolling through YouTube and notices an attractive thumbnail with a catchy title. Congratulations to the creator. It is for sure that he or she will get the video clicked for viewing. Yes, this is how it works. Be précised in choosing the same.

Most of the YouTubers generally take a still image from the video, do some edits with graphics and texts to keep it relatable and attractive as a thumbnail. You can check out some videos of your genre to get a clear idea. Make sure you check out the ones with a good number of subscribers as they are already leading. 

Duration of video is to be taken care of

 Want to shine bright on YouTube? Then don’t opt for choosing short videos as on other social media platforms. As mentioned earlier in this post, your primary objective is to create value for your viewers. 

Make sure that the videos you publish are at least five minutes in duration so that it meets all the information which a viewer might seek. 

Communication matters

Talking about most businesses over social media channels, you will find them interacting and engaging with their customers on a personal level. Listening to feedback, their thoughts, and suggestions are some of the best practices. 

The formula comes into the picture when we talk about a YouTube content creator. Responding and having a healthy relationship with your fans makes them feel special and at the same time creates a bond between you and your viewers.