How to Become a YouTube Content Creator
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The idea of making money from the comfort of your home, doing what you love, is motivation enough to want to become a YouTube content creator. Just like any business takes time to grow, YouTube needs you to stay patient as you constantly create content that people love. 


Here are some tips on how to become a content creator on YouTube and earn big:

1.     Set up your channel

The first and obvious thing to do is set up a YouTube channel. It is so easy to set up one. All you have to do is start by creating an account with YouTube. There are several categories of channels as grouped by the platform, choose on that you best suits the type of content you intend to create.

Make sure you complete your profile. Presentation goes a long way in becoming a successful YouTube content creator. Place your profile picture and logo where they need to be and have the channel banners in the correct measurements.

2.     Come up with a channel trailer

Assuming that your channel is now fully set up, the next step is to welcome people to your channel by introducing who you are. Remember to make this as interesting and honest as possible, it is what everyone sees when they look at your channel and has a major impact on whether they subscribe or not.

TIP: There are so many free video makers in the market to help you with that.

3.     Create your content

Perhaps this is the part that you have been waiting for all along. You may feel tempted to upload your first video, but don’t! We recommend that you make at least 7 videos for launching your channel. Upload one each day to avoid the stress that comes with uploading once a week or after every two weeks.

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Remember it is unlikely that people will just subscribe after watching one video. People want to feel convinced, so give them a reason to.

Create your content
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4.   Stick to what you know best

There is nothing as beautiful as watching a video from a niche expert. You need to stay current with what is happening in your niche. Spy on your competition and see what they are up to. This is the only way to ensure that you are creating content that people want to watch.

Conduct enough research on the topic that you want to discuss so that you do not end up putting wrong information out there!

5.     Do not forget

Ensure that you are not creating content around a certain topic blindly. Do not forget that YouTube is the second largest search engine and that means it is resourceful for millions of people who want to discover fresh content.

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Choosing the correct keywords will give you better chances of ranking ahead of your competition. Conduct proper keyword research on the keywords that you intend to use and see how they rank on the search engine. This is the only way to create content that people are looking for.

6.     Consistency is the key

Ever heard of don’t give up too soon? YouTube content creation can be overwhelming at times. Even though, never lose your consistency in terms of timing and type of content you put out there.

To attain consistency, have a content creation calendar. Make sure you are faithful to your working schedule, this will in the long term ensure constant content creation which is the main determinant on whether you will become a successful YouTuber or not!

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7.     Content sharing goes a long way

Leverage on other social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, share your YouTube content across these social media platforms to gain more subscribers.

Email is also a great platform to reach people with your content. Always create a compelling email and attach your YouTube channel link so as make it easier for them to head over to YouTube to see what you got going on.

8.     Act like a manager that you are

Your subscribers are important, treat them like they are. Apart from liking their comments and answering their questions, make a point of hosting a live stream now and then. This allows you to connect directly with them thus letting you show the real side of you.

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Wondering what to discuss during a live session? Ask your viewers to leave a comment with questions that they want to be answered during the live session.

Apart from engaging with your subscribers on YouTube, make it a norm to reach out to those on other social media platforms. This will help you attract new audiences and keep those already subscribed loyal to you.  Do not forget that the subscription button is a touch away; we know you do not want to lose any of your subscribers! If so, keep them engaged.

9.     Data analysis is crucial for growth

There is always room for growth. YouTube provides analytics on your channel that lets you know who is watching your videos and how each video is performing. This information allows you to correct your mistakes and do better next time. The analytic tool is amazing and you should ride on it to build a successful channel.

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We are positive that the steps discussed above will help you become a successful YouTube content creator.