The final step of marketing is often running an advertising campaign on YouTube via Google Ads. Google offers different types of advertising campaigns in different prices at your convenience. You can choose any of the plans that suit your needs. Going forward, we will explore all the possibilities and opportunities you have when you start a campaign on YouTube. Surely, you can answer your question at the end of the article. How to advertise on YouTube? Let’s take a look.


Types of Advertising Campaigns:

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If you want to know how to advertise on YouTube, you will have a lot of options. There are six kinds of ad options available in the campaign and use different pricing options for each.

Skippable In-Stream Ads:

Skippable In-Stream Ads
How to Advertise on YouTube? 12

These kinds of ads appear before, during and after other videos on YouTube and the webpages that are Google video partners. These ads an be skipped by the viewers after 5 seconds. If you have to run your campaign to increase Sales, Leads, Website Traffic and Brand Awareness you can use this option of advertising.

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How to Pay?

It is based on CPV marketing. You only have to pay if the viewer watches at least 30 seconds of the video ad or full if it is shorter than 30 seconds. Based on Target CPA, Maximize and Target CPM conversions, you have to pay according to impressions.

Non-Skippable In-Stream Ads:

Non-Skippable In-Stream Ads
How to Advertise on YouTube? 13

Non-Skippable video ads also appear before, during and after other videos on YouTube and webpages that are Google video partners. However, users cannot skip the ads and have to watch them till the end. They are usually 15 seconds or shorter. This campaign is suitable for Brand Awareness, and also if you do not have a campaign goal want random ad campaigns.

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How to Pay?

This campaign uses Target CPM and thus you have to pay based on impressions.

Video Discovery Ads:

Video Discovery Ads are made using the thumbnail from your video and some text. These ads invite people to click the ad to play it. The ad won’t appear unless they click. Thus, these ads usually appear at the homepage, YouTube search results and along with the related videos. The duration of the ad varies depending upon the place it appears. Product Awareness and campaigns without goals can use this type of campaign.

How to Pay?

You will pay based on the number of clicks your ad gets. So, you will only need to pay if viewers click on the ads to watch.

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Bumper Ads:

Bumper ads appear before, during and after other videos on YouTube and webpages that are Google video partners, but the duration is 6 seconds or shorter. The ads cannot be skipped by the viewers. Bumper ads are used for Brand Awareness campaigns and Reach to your Channel.

How to Pay?

These ads use Target CPM, so you will have to pay based on the impressions.

Out-Stream Ads:

Out-Stream Ads
How to Advertise on YouTube? 14

Out Stream ads begin to play without music when viewers are scrolling on the homepage. Viewers can choose to unmute the video if they want to watch it. Ads will only appear on the webpages and apps that are Google video partners because they are mobile-only ads and are not supported on YouTube. On webpages, ads appear in banners, but in apps, out stream ads appear as banners, interstitials, in-feed, native, in portrait and full screen modes. You can use the out stream ads for to improve brand awareness and reach.

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How to Pay?

Out stream ads are based on viewable-Cost-Per-Thousand-Impressions (vCPM) so you have to pay when a viewer watches your ad for more than 2 seconds or more.

Masthead Ads:

Masthead ads appear verily on desktops, mobile app, and TVs. For the main part, the ad auto-plays on mute for about 30 seconds and then, the video thumbnail appears. If users click on the thumbnail or the video, they will exit the watch page and will be directed to your Channel. You can use it for a new product or service awareness, as it can direct a large number of audience to your Channel in a short time.

How to Pay?

You will be charged based on cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) because the ads are available only on the reservation basis. Google advertising team can get you the estimated rate and impression goals of the campaign if you contact them.

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How to Advertise on YouTube via Google Ads?

After you sign up, you can start the campaign in three basic step:

  • Select the video you want to advertise
  • Choose the location and audience for your ad
  • Specify your campaign budget.

If you want to advertise you YouTube channel, YouTube ads can be best, as the community is large and contains people of all ages, plus they are active most of the time. So decide your plan and go for it today.