How Much Money Do YouTubers Make
How Much Money Do YouTubers Make? 3

Today let’s discuss a question that we’ve received multiple times – ‘How much money do YouTubers earn?’ There is no direct answer to this question since methods used by content creators to make money on the platform varies widely. The most common ways of earning money on YouTube include; ad revenue, product and service advertisements, affiliate marketing and product integration.

Earning on YouTube

There are many reasons why millions of people log into YouTube each day. Some use it as a learning platform, but a majority use it purely for entertainment. Generating revenue from the channel also depends on some other factors such as:

1.    Location of Your Viewers

YouTube mostly uses a cost per click criteria to pay its content creators. This pay is higher in countries like the United Kingdom and the United States than in other countries.

2.    Methods of Advertising

There are several ads being run by YouTube and each pays differently. Here is what we mean; Bumper ads pay per view while pre-roll adverts pay per click. YouTube also pays per click-through rate; this means that your payment is likely to skyrocket when the click-through rate is higher on your channel.

3.    Number of views

It is almost obvious that advertisers will be compelled to place their ads on channels that have more viewers.  To earn more from subscribers, YouTubers aim to add more subscribers to their list.

In addition to the above factors determining how much a You Tuber earns from platform, one should remember that earning starts when:

  • One has a minimum of 1000 of subscribers
  • One  has not less than 4000 hours of watch time
  • These two requirements should be met within the first year of joining the platform.

Top YouTube earners

Despite various challenges faced by YouTubers, some are leaping big. Here is the list of top 10 YouTube earners. Hopefully it will help you understand better how much money youtubers can make.

  • Lily Singh

Lilly Singh is an entertainer, mostly known for her music and videos. She has about 14 million followers and has makes revenue of more than 10 million US dollars annually.

  • Ryan Toys Review

Ryan is a 6-year-old who does toys reviews on youtube. The channel has about 11 million viewers so far and earnings of over $10 million in 2021

  • Smosh

The Smosh channel was started back in 2005 by Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox. The channel is home to comedy and parody videos. The channel was able to attract 23 million views and earned $11 million annually before the two splits in 2017.

  • Jake Paul

Jake Paul channel shares comedy videos and clips. He has made over $13 million and has about 18 million subscribers.

  • Evan Fong

Evan Fong’s gaming channel has made over $16 million from gaming videos. He has a wide fan base and creates videos often to keep them updated at all times

  • Daniel Middleton

Just like Evan Fong, Daniel Middleton has earned huge from making gaming videos. He reviews and plays Minecraft on his channel thus attracting a huge fan base. He has made over $17 million in revenue.

Over to you

Before you go in as a YouTube content creator, it is vital to know that how much money you make depends on how much you interact with your fan base and the value of the content you put out there.  This is the only way to grow your subscribers and meet the criteria for generating revenue from your channel. You can read this article for great tips on how to start earning money from your YouTube videos.