YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms now. There are many influencers who rose to fame and are earning well through YouTube. Users with millions of YouTube videos can make a certain amount of money. Many people have started wondering how much money do you make on YouTube. If you upload a video today and expect that you will wake up as a millionaire, you are wrong. You need to put in consistent effort daily if you hope to succeed. In this article, we have discussed how just how successful you can become as a YouTuber.

How Much Money Do You Make on YouTube?

It is very unlikely for you to be able to make money off your first YouTube video. It will take a lot of time, patience and hard work before you are able to earn. All big stars started small but eventually became successful YouTubers. If you are wondering how much money do you make on YouTube, then keep reading.

How Much Can You Earn Per View on YouTube?

How Much Can You Earn Per View on YouTube

Are you wondering how much YouTubers make for each video view? Sources state that YouTubers can earn between $0.01 and $0.03 for each view through AdSense. On average, they can earn $0.18 for each view. Certain factors will determine how much you earn per view, some of which include:

  • Number of video views
  • Number of times people click on an ad
  • Quality of the ads
  • Adblockers
  • Length of the video

How Much Can You Earn Per 1,000 Views on YouTube?

According to the average pay rate per view, YouTubers can earn almost $18 per 1000 ad views, which can be translated into $3 to $5 per 1000 video views. YouTube is a good way of earning money if you can attract a big enough audience that will engage with your content and support you.

How Much Can You Earn Per 1,000 Views on YouTube

However, it is not possible to become a YouTube star overnight. You must put in a lot of hard work and effort.

hard work and effort

How Much Can You Earn Per Subscriber on YouTube?

The subscribers count on your YouTube channel will not determine how much you earn. Subscribers are simply users who decide to follow your channel so they can watch your new videos easily and show their support.

How Much Can You Earn Per Subscriber on YouTube

Although subscribers will not affect how much money you make on YouTube, they are still a vital part of your YouTube channel. They are the ones who will comment, share and like your videos. This way, more people are attracted to your channel and content which will increase the number of views on your videos. If you choose appropriate ads to be displayed on your videos, then it will also increase your pay rate when users click on them. So, even though you do not get paid based on how many subscribers you have, they are very important as they add to the views on your videos.

We hope that our article has answered your question of how much money do you make on YouTube. Remember to put in your best so you can move towards earning the highest amount possible!