How much money can you make from YouTube?

How much money can you make from YouTube
How much does YouTube Pay for 1 million views 5

Being a Youtuber has slowly become a very lucrative career choice. Now you can easily make millions of dollars by uploading videos and you don’t even have to leave your house for it.  Making Youtuber your career path allows people to do stuff that they love, whether that be playing video games or unboxing new toys. YouTube has a genre for everything, thus you will be able to find all kinds of videos on their whether your searching for educational videos or recreational videos, YouTube is sure to have them. The money each makes varies upon engagement rates, the number of views, and the most important of all the advertisements.

The highest-paid YouTube is below the age of 10, called Ryan. His review channel of toys has over 24 million subscribers. The videos are pretty simple however it is very engaging for children and infants to watch. The bright colors of his videos attract the younger demographic and he can make millions just by playing and unboxing his toys. He has earned a staggering 29.5 million dollars. He is closely followed by Mr. Beast who has accumulated 24 million from his Youtuber endeavor.

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How much money do you get for hitting 1 million views?

How much money do you get for hitting 1 million views
How much does YouTube Pay for 1 million views 6

Hitting a million views on a video, really allows a Youtuber to feel like they are on the right path and that their content is worth watching. Other than the obvious satisfaction you will feel when you hit a million views, YouTube will also pay for the 1 million views quite handsomely. On average, creators receive anywhere between 3400 to 40,000 (6 creators) dollars in cash. Thus YouTube pays out when you hit 1 million views. That’s why getting more views on your videos is greatly emphasized when talking about making money on YouTube. As it's only by getting more traffic on your channel can you make up to 40,000 per video?

What determines how much you get paid?

What determines how much you get paid
How much does YouTube Pay for 1 million views 7

The money that YouTube pays for the million views does vary. The category of videos you make on YouTube is vital to how much you earn on YouTube. The educational and entertainment/humor genre on YouTube seems to do the best. They are also the ones that earn more revenue and clicks on their videos. Thus if you’re looking for a niche to target, choosing the education or entertainment category would help you start on the right foot. People have reported that their CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions) increasing, once they changed the category of their videos to entertainment. In some cases, it jumped from a whopping 15 to 40 dollars.

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In addition to this, a good description and a catching title help YouTube get your content to the right demographic and thus in turn get you more engagement and views. By working on the description, title, tags, and thumbnails you will be able to raise the amount of money you get on average from each video (and view) on YouTube, as well as get a bigger paycheck when you hit a million views on a video. As the amount of money that YouTube pays for 1 million views varies, you will need to put some extra grunt work and incorporate the above strategies to your advantage to get the most financially when you hit that milestone.


So there you have it! YouTube will pay you up to 40,000 when you hit 1 million views. However, to get this sum, you will need to work on your niche and how you can attract more people to your channel and get a million views and more. By fixing up your title and tags you will be able to grow your channel and get millions of views on a single video. Once you hit the first million, you will be able to get more traction from other Youtuber and might even get more sponsorships and offers for collaborations. That’s it’s from us! We sincerely wish you the best in your YouTube endeavors, and hope you keep hitting millions of views on all of your videos!

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