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How much do YouTubers make? 4

YouTube is the new era of television and YouTubers are the new generation of celebrities. When it comes to answering the question, how much do YouTubers make, well, some of them earn a fortune! Eager to know how? Consider check out this post and find it yourself.

A YouTuber's earnings – the story starts here

YouTube experiences approx 2.5 billion logins every month. This is continuing to grow. Talking about the present time, YouTube is the world’s second most visited platform after Google. And when it comes to talking about its watch time per day, it crosses billions of hours.

From the shared data, it’s clearly understandable that YouTube has managed to earn the desired level of popularity. Thus, it can surely help one in boosting up his or her earning. But how much do YouTubers make? To give you an idea, Ryan kaji, the top-earning YouTuber in 2022 earned around $29.5 million from his channel Ryan’s world. This nine-year-old kid has made it possible.

So, if it is said that being a YouTuber you can earn unlimited it won’t be a lie. Following is the list of the highest-paid YouTube celebs of 2022. The ranking is done as per the Forbes data.

Ryan Kaji12.2 billion41.7 million$29.5 million
Mr. Beast3 billion47.8 million$24 million
Dude perfect2.77 billion57.5 million$23 million
Rhett and Limk1.9 billion41.8 million$20 million
Markielier3.1 billion27.8 million$19.5 million

How much do YouTubers make? – A few words on making money on YouTube

Typically, YouTubers earn money from five major revenue channels. Let’s check out what they are.  


If you are on YouTube for a significant time and you have already built a massive follower count, you can make money by selling merchandise. The list includes mugs, t-shirts, shoes, watches, and so on.

There are a lot of creators, who use drop shipping to sell their merchandise over an online shop and have someone else fulfill the orders. All they need to do is to submit the designs.


Do you find those AdWords, which bookend or at times, intrude on your favorite videos? Well, in actuality they are pleasing enough. A channel owner can earn 55% of the revenue generated from them. And how much that turns into completely depends on the selected territory and audience.

 For example, a huge corporate placement in a high-traffic like China or the USA holds more value if compared to a small business ad in Romania. However, to give you an idea it can be anything around $1 to $10 or even more per thousand viewers depending on the engagements.

Paid content and donation

When it comes to answering the phrase, how much do YouTubers make, you can’t afford to omit donations and paid content. However, it completely depends on the communication with your followers who actually love your content. Some of them persuade you to sponsor you whereas the others may offer for paying for a subscription to additional content.

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Affiliate links

Do you work with videos that feature multiple products? If yes, then it’s a good idea to monetize your videos by sending them to your viewer and encouraging them to buy on eBay, Amazon, Shopify, or any other online selling platform.

Joining an affiliate network may help you in getting commission from every sale that occurs after you send their way.

Generally, you earn a percentage of the price of the product, so the trick of selling expensive items may help you earn from affiliate marketing.

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How much do YouTubers earn – everything that you need to know

Now when you know about the channels of earning from YouTube, it’s time to know how much do YouTubers earn. Well, it greatly varies on views, subscribers, videos, and so on. Here, the entire picture is clarified by detailing the earnings as per the segments.

YouTubers earnings per view

As per numerous sources, YouTubers may make anything $.01 to $.03 per view in AdSense, with an average of $.18 per view. However, how much YouTube will pay depends on the following factors.

  • Ad quality
  • Video length
  • Ad blockers
  • The number of views the video has received
  • The number of clicks an ad has received

Now, let’s talk about a YouTuber's earnings on every 1000 views

The average pay rate of YouTube hovers between $.01 and $.03 per ad view. With this calculation, as a YouTuber, you can earn $18 for every thousand ad views.

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How much is the earning opportunity per subscriber?

You need to be very clear on this part. YouTube doesn’t pay a single penny based on the number of channel subscribers. Anyone who is following your channel is your subscriber. Being a subscriber, one can have easy access to your latest videos. Whenever you post a new video, it automatically shows up on their home page.

But does that mean, you will overlook the necessity of having enough subscribers? Of course not! Subscribers are extremely valuable since they comment, like, and share your videos with more people and help you in gaining more views. Those views, later on, turn into YouTube money if you are placing the right ads.  Even YouTube doesn’t pay you on the basis of subscriber count, they are integral to the number of views that your videos receive.

How much do YouTubers make per video?

How much do YouTubers make depends on different factors including the number of views they accumulate and the number of Google ads are displayed throughout their videos. As per Forbes, the approximate may rate of $5 per thousand views, a video with One Lakh views can earn around $5000 which is of course quite lucrative.

However, the stated numbers are estimated and they may go up or down depending on clicking through rate, ad quality, and many other factors.

Final word

Remember, to start earning from YouTube, you need to have a least 1000 subscribers, 4000 public watch hours in a year, hold an AdSense account, and get reviewed and approved. Once you are approved for the YouTube partners program you can start earning from ads. Here the game of cost per click comes into play.

Generally, the videos that have more subscriber count get more clicks. So, to earn well from YouTube, you should focus on acquiring enough subscribers. If you need any assistance regarding the same, click here now.