YouTube is used by billions of viewers worldwide today. It has a simple and user-friendly interface that has greatly contributed to its popularity. The video platform has made it easy for people to share their content with people around the world. There is a video available for every topic imaginable, so viewers have the luxury of watching any video that meets their needs. Content creators can upload videos to their YouTube channels and share their videos on various social media platforms to get a large audience. We know that YouTube is very popular today, so how many people use YouTube regularly?

How Many People Use YouTube?

How Many People Use YouTube
How Many People Use YouTube? 6

YouTube, the popular video platform, was launched in 2005. It completely revolutionized video streaming for users. The first ever YouTube video featured one of the co-founders: Jawed Karim. The video was titled “Me at the Zoo”. Soon, over 2 million videos were uploaded on the platform each day and there was an average of about twenty million users who were active daily.

Google entered the picture in 2006. It acquired the immensely popular platform for about $1.65 billion. Critics questioned whether this was a smart move by Google or just a reckless decision because, at that time, YouTube was nowhere near as popular as it is today. Of course, today we know for sure that Google made a brilliant decision of acquiring YouTube.

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first ever YouTube video
How Many People Use YouTube? 7

YouTube became increasingly popular amongst people of all ages and is now loved worldwide. The number of people using YouTube kept increasing day by day. It incorporated new features such as livestreaming videos, posting comments, rating videos, generating revenue and much more. This platform gave content creators the opportunity to post amazing videos and share them with the world, whether they are for entertainment, health, education, sports, medicine, lifestyle, designing, gaming or music. YouTube gave birth to several celebrities, musicians, bands, and other artists as well. YouTube has grown exponentially in the past decade. Today, you can find content related to just about any topic on YouTube because there are channels with millions of followers and videos with millions of views.

YouTube Premium was another amazing feature that gave exclusive access to ad-free videos. It has more than thirty million subscribers as of 2022.

YouTube Premium
How Many People Use YouTube? 8

How many people use YouTube? There are over a billion users that use the popular video streaming platform to watch videos and share their content as well. What started as a small video platform has grown into one of the most popular platforms.

Important YouTube Statistics You Need to Know

  1. YouTube now has more than 2.3 billion users from all around the world.
  2. Around 80% of people with internet access have personal accounts on YouTube.
  3. More than a billion hours of video streaming per day has been recorded by YouTube.
  4. YouTube is available in 100+ countries. Users can choose from 80 different languages for watching videos.
  5. YouTube helps people come across new products, services and brands.
  6. Many businesses also use this platform to post new video content.
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post new video content
How Many People Use YouTube? 9

We hope that our article has helped you grasp the huge amount of users that you can find on YouTube.