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How do I watch YouTube on TV? 11

YouTube has completely succeeded in shifting the crowd from TV to Its own platform, and there’s one reason which stands strong behind this. Of course, TV is entertaining; however, it binds us to watch as per the shows being telecasted. In the case of YouTube, the scenario is just the opposite. We get to choose what we want to see. On the other hand, the content available is tremendously huge which keeps us hooked up to it. Now the only thing which is a bit lucrative for us to watch television is the big screen. But, with the advancement of technology, it has become pretty simple to watch YouTube on TV too.

Above all, the huge range of content costs nothing, thus YouTube has become a serious and substantial resource of entertainment. So, without waiting anymore let’s find out how to watch YouTube on TV.

Get to your comfort zone

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The very first thing you need to do is to install YouTube’s TV app on your preferable device. Be it your bedroom or living room, watching something you love delivers leisure. In case, you own an Android TV or Apple TV, you will get the YouTube application pre-installed.  

Subscribe to channels of your choice – The more the merrier

Well, there’s a difference between the times when you watch YouTube on the TV and mobile. In the case of the mobile app, you are pretty handy with your device, and watch time for particular videos is comparatively less until and unless you get hooked to your video of choice. 

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It’s pretty natural to lose attention on YouTube channels, however, when they’re crucial when we talk about your viewing experience on televisions. To do so, simply reach the channel list available on YouTube’s main site and subscribe to the ones you would like to watch. 

Once you do it, you will also find an option “More channels like...” at the top right corner. This option gives you recommendations based on your subscribed channels. It’s a great idea to subscribe to plenty of them. In case, any of those doesn’t meet up to your expectations, you can proceed to cut back on them.  


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Done with the creation of a solid list? Now, look for the “My Subscriptions” section of the YouTube TV app. You will find them ready to be streamed continuously. In the meantime, you can also play individual channels but it usually includes irrelevant videos which you might not prefer spending time on the big screen with. 

Watch YouTube on TV – Should include specials and movies

Will just short clips do while you watch YouTube on Tv? Of course not! Youtube isn’t only about clips related to music, sports, concerts, educational, etc videos but it also houses an endless number of movies and documentaries. Well, those are going to be perfect for spending an evening on the couch. 

Be it the latest or nostalgic, YouTube got you covered. Now, surfing these lists on your mobile or pc won’t ease your watching experience on TV, which brings us to the next idea as mentioned below. 

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Be prepared with Watch Later

While you are browsing YouTube from your pc, hover your mouse over the video thumbnail that you would prefer watching. On the bottom-right corner, you will see a cute little clock icon. With just a click, the targeted video will get queued in your “Watch later” section. Now, from the sidebar menu of your YouTube TV app, you can gain access to the same. Bingo! Your favorite movies are now ready to entertain you. 

You will get the same button on any video which you might be playing currently. In the case of your mobile app, you will get a “+” button to perform the task of adding the video to the Watch later section. Any videos can be added like this, but as you are going to create a special collection to watch YouTube on TV, it’s suggested to add the best movies, specials, and shows as per your choice. 

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How to watch YouTube on Tv -Galaxy marketing

Précised search will easy to watch YouTube on TV

Well, looking out for videos is certainly time-consuming and the completely irrelevant ones add more to it. But, there’s a way out to filter such irrelevant ones which generally comprises of short clips. Let’s help you understand the process with the help of an example. 

Let’s suppose you are in a rocking-out mood, and you search for ‘The Beatles’ videos, or maybe you search wildlife for some documentaries on nature. Now, in this case, you will see that the videos are coming up including both very short and few long ones. To get rid of this, and make an advanced search, just add few words such as “HD” and “full-length” to your searchers and separate it by commas. 

This narrows your searches by bringing up videos that are at least twenty to thirty minutes in length. After all, you want to watch YouTube on TV and short clips aren’t going to please. Well, this method works on your desktop browser only, so consider selecting the videos and as suggested earlier, add it to your picky watch later section.  

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A focused account specified for TV

It would be great if you create a dedicated Google account for YouTube for watching on TV. In this way, you will have all your collections in one place. If you use the same account for both television and your Cellphone or desktop, many random videos might keep coming up. As discussed earlier, when you watch YouTube on TV, it’s a whole different experience both in terms of content consumption and viewing. Keeping a separate account will help you to keep all of your favorite collections in one place without interrupting your YouTube usage on desktop or mobile.

Watch YouTube on Tv with your phone as a remote

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Viewing YouTube on the big screen is undoubtedly exciting. But, unfortunately, the interface might seem to confine when you try to search for something. However, there are a couple of devices that turn your mobile or tablet into a remote control for the television. 

It’s simple and easy. All you need to do is to pair your phone with the television; perform a search over your small screen, and watch the same on TV. Devices such as Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, etc are the ones you should consider and they hardly require any setup. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! So what are you waiting for? Sit back on the couch and start to watch YouTube on Tv with the best practices as mentioned above.    

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