The thumbnail of a YouTube video is as important as the content of the video. You can gain potential viewers and subscribers that will visit your channel and watch your videos just by looking at the thumbnail. You need to choose the right design and size for the thumbnail. In this article, we will answer the popular query: how big is a YouTube thumbnail?

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How Big is a YouTube Thumbnail?

A thumbnail is a smaller version of an image or a video. Usually, thumbnails are related to the content of the video. Just like music albums have album covers, YouTube videos have thumbnails. A fun and attractive thumbnail will capture the attention of users, while a boring or uninteresting thumbnail will fail to do so. 

How Big is a YouTube Thumbnail
How Big is a YouTube Thumbnail? 7

Just like there is a specific size for posting your profile picture on Facebook, there is also a thumbnail size on YouTube. The ideal size is 1280 x 720 pixels and the ideal aspect ratio is 16:9. If your size exceeds it, then the thumbnail will get cropped and it won’t attract users.

Now that you know how big a YouTube thumbnail is, here are some tips for creating good thumbnails:

1. Simplicity is best.

The standard size of thumbnails is quite small. Try not to put too much content or images into your thumbnail. This will reduce its readability and people will avoid clicking on your videos. Users are more attracted to simple and clean, yet eye-catching thumbnails. You do not need to add the complete title of your video in the image. You can shorten it to add only what is relevant. Or even better: use an image or a logo and remove the text completely. Users will know what to expect in the video by looking at the thumbnail.

Simplicity is best
How Big is a YouTube Thumbnail? 8

2. Choose the right colors.

Choosing the right colors is also very important. For example, if your thumbnail background is baby pink in color and you put white colored text over it, it would be a huge mistake because it won’t be visible. It is better to use contrasting colors, like light colored text on a darker background, which will increase the visual appeal of the overall thumbnail. If the users cannot see what is written on the thumbnail, they will just skip your video and move on to the next one.

3. Place logos smartly.

Logos help in creating brand awareness but you need to place it correctly in your thumbnail. Make sure that the logo is neither too big nor too small.

4. Do not add irrelevant images.

It is crucial for your thumbnail to match the content of your video. Otherwise, users will be annoyed if they get a video that doesn’t match the thumbnail.

Do not add irrelevant images
How Big is a YouTube Thumbnail? 9

You will end up losing subscribers and getting dislikes instead of likes.

end up losing subscribers
How Big is a YouTube Thumbnail? 10

Now that we have answered “How big is a YouTube thumbnail?” and given you some tips, let your creative juices flow and come up with the perfect thumbnail for your video.