How a Small AirBnB in Nuremberg Got a Global Social Media Audience
Dragon's Nest: How an AirBnB in Nuremberg Got a Global Social Media Audience 5

Dragon’s Nest is an adorable AirBnB in Nuremberg that you can book for your next getaway. The AirBnB is located ideally in proximity to the motorway, public transport and more. AirBnB gained massive success through its social media marketing, making it an internet sensation in no time.

By using quality content such as informative blogs on tourism in Nuremberg, they provide tourists with information on how to best enjoy their time there. The success story of Dragon’s Nest is especially great because, despite the success, the destination is still offering the same vibe of comfort, serenity and quiet adventure that attracts tourists in the first place.

Why Visit Nuremberg?

Why Visit Nuremberg
Dragon's Nest: How an AirBnB in Nuremberg Got a Global Social Media Audience 6

Are you looking for your next adventure? Nuremberg is a perfect blend of history, architecture, culture and scenery. It is the second-largest city in the German state of Bavaria. It has a population of 518,370, which makes it a small town. If you have ever heard of the Nuremberg Trials, then you know that this place has a rich backstory, nothing like that of a small town. 

Arts and Culture

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Nuremberg’s culture and arts are well known all around the world. There is a great deal to explore in this city. It endured many attacks during WW2 but it remains one of the most beautiful places to visit in terms of architecture. In the summer, Nuremberg’s two-week-long Old Town Festival musical and Folk event is a major attraction. 


The Norwegian castle dominates the skyline and is one of the most prominent historical sites in the city. There are many other historical sites in Nuremberg as well, such as the Albrecht Dürer House and St. Lawrence Church. The City Walls are also of great historical importance and a must-visit for Nuremberg. The Germanic National Museum is a great attraction for anyone looking to learn more about the Germanic heritage.

Other Attractions

The Frauenkirche: The Church of Our Lady offers refreshing architectural details. St. Sebaldus Church is yet another architectural marvel that you must visit. 

About Dragon’s Nest

Dragon’s Nest is the perfect place for you to stay on your trip to Nuremberg. The AirBnB in nuremberg is only 15 minutes away from the main city center, so you can always be on time for everything you have planned. By staying at Dragon’s Nest, you will have the best of both worlds. You will get an ultra-modern accommodation packed with all the amenities you can imagine, as well as a cozy environment that will make any trip even more enjoyable. 

Here are some of the amenities that Dragon’s Nest offers to its guests: 

  • High speed ​​WiFi (up to 200MB/s), so you can post the best stories from your trip to Nuremberg
  • PC and TV with Chromecast, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, so you can relax after a long day of exploration
  • Modern amenities and a cozy environment
  • A large garden within the facility so that you can take the best OOTD shots
  • Transport arrangement from the train station and airport
  • Local attractions and guidance on the must-visit spots 
  • Breakfast and room service

You can find out more by going to

How Dragon’s Nest Got a Global Social Media Audience

Dragon’s Nest has become increasingly popular in the past few years. There are many reviews about how great the experience was and it is becoming more and more difficult to get a booking at the Dragon’s Nest. There are many reasons for its widespread success, some of which we have listed below:


There are many different services that Dragon’s Nest offers to its guests. The most important of which is guiding them on different transport options, attractions to visit and even the various delicacies that you should try. Dragon’s Nest is the perfect place for you to stay in if you are traveling out of the country for the first time because of how cooperative the staff is. You can get guidance from them about anything. Moreover, if you are rethinking your itinerary, you can always have them set up tours and in-city explorations for you to get a better run-through of the city. 


The city of Nuremberg has a vibe that is best reflected in its culture, the people and the architecture. The best thing about Dragon’s Nest is that they offer you all the modern amenities and an ultra-comfortable environment, while still maintaining the rich and exotic ambiance of the city. You will never be uncomfortable or out of place at the Dragon’s Nest, but you will always be amazed by the culture of the place, which makes for a large variety of the place and its attractions.  

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Social Media Strategy - Collaborations with Influencers 

Social Media Strategy - Collaborations with Influencers
Dragon's Nest: How an AirBnB in Nuremberg Got a Global Social Media Audience 7

One of the reasons for the immense strength of Dragon’s Nest is its coverage on social media. Dragon’s Nest has a stunning visual presence and it combines a variety of different strategies to achieve social media presence. They post their interiors, their guests and most importantly the city: the very reason why you are here. They incorporate influencers into their strategy and leverage their audience to the most in creating stunning and engaging content.

They have associated themselves with airbnb in Nuremberg as a representative of the culture and the history, which makes it so special for guests to stay at the Dragon’s Nest. It is not like a regular hotel because even the accommodation is an experience. Their social media and their website both represent them as an authority on Nuremberg culture and tourism itself. 


Dragon’s Nest is a popular AirBnB in Nuremberg, a city in Germany that has immense cultural and historical importance. Staying at the Dragon’s Nest will give you access to the exotic culture of the city, opening you up to get tourist attractions, experiences and more. Dragon’s Nest catapulted to success globally by leveraging social media and customer experience to its favor, and has created a reputation that travel enthusiasts come looking for from all around the world.