Including timestamps for your YouTube videos, comments is indeed a popular feature. A timestamp is truly a timesaver for finding the exact information from the video, instead of searching it through the entire video. Excited to know more about How to Timestamp on YouTube? (2021) Read this article then and use this feature for your future YouTube videos!

How to Timestamp on YouTube?

YouTube Timestamp - What is it?

Simply put, it is a link that can be added to the parts of your YouTube video. As a viewer, while viewing a YouTube video, you may wish to see a particular point in the video where the information you are seeking is showcased. So instead of viewing the video from the start till your desired part of the video; you can directly view the desired part of the video with a timestamp feature.

The timestamp feature allows you to link to any part or second of your YouTube video. Google now allows the website owners to add the timestamp features when showcasing the required videos with Google search results too.

How is it helpful for YouTube Videos?

You could be having your personal YouTube account or Brand account. The purpose of both these accounts pretty much remains the same, that is gaining popularity and having more people view your videos, gaining more followers, and generating a good income via YouTube ultimately. 

This feature definitely helps to improve the viewing results for your videos and comments sections as well!

Easy Ways to Timestamp Your YouTube Videos

How to Timestamp on YouTube?

Excited to learn How to Timestamp on YouTube? (2021) Follow these steps mentioned below then to get your YouTube Videos the required number of views and visibility it deserves!

Step 1 - Go to your YouTube account. Find a description field for your new or old videos.

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Step 2 - In order to link a timestamp, decide on a specific time (in minutes, seconds, hours). Now add a keyword enriched video name to it and save the same!

Step 3 - Now you can reload or release your YouTube video. Plus, ensure that the description of your video is updated too.

YouTube Timestamps and SEO Benefits

This exclusive feature is definitely useful for allowing your videos to have more viewers. Especially for long or lengthy videos, where a viewer may not wish to watch the complete video. So even if your video content is good, a viewer may skip seeing the video to avoid the hassle of finding the required view from your video. 

With timestamp, you can add a required time along with a quick keyword-enabled name to the specific parts of the video. A user can then directly jump to the required part of the section of the video and seek information as per the choice. 

As a YouTube Account holder, you can learn How to Timestamp on YouTube? (2021) and make your useful content reach a wider audience. Generally, viewers have a lesser amount of attention span when viewing videos. With this supreme feature, they can find their required section or part of the information through your videos and may look forward to your future videos for finding the required knowledge or information.

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Plus, with a timestamp, Google places the name underneath the videos for allowing users to get their required section when searching for it. It also provides good traffic for your videos and the videos are then likely to appear in the best search results on google. Your videos will then be ranked high on YouTube searches and viewers will click the videos and give genuine comments, queries, accordingly. If your YouTube account has well-researched and well-presented videos, with timestamp hyperlinks, you will get more followers and subscribers in a short duration.

Let Your YouTube Account Be Visible

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