Whether you have a small family-owned business or a large corporation, you run your business with one goal – to get your product to as many people as possible. In doing so, you hope to generate a handsome profit that will make running the business worthwhile.


YouTube for Business
8 Massive Benefits of Using YouTube for Business 29

To this end, you must consistently come up with ways to make your business accessible to your target audience. You could be selling the best quality product at the best possible rates, but that won’t amount to much if your customers can’t find you.

Businesses often turn to social media to connect with their existing clients and attract new clientele. Through social media, your can engage your audience through regular posts and promotions. However, there is an important platform that businesses often ignore in their digital marketing strategy – YouTube.

A video captures attention and introduces ideas and products in a manner that pictures and text can’t ever achieve. This is what YouTube has to offer to its business clients. Still not convinced that establishing your business presence on YouTube is a great idea? Here are some reasons why you should give it a serious thought.

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You Benefit From YouTube’s User Base

YouTube’s User Base

YouTube has an active community of over two billion users who watch billions of minutes of video content every day. That is a lot of people and a lot of opportunities for you to reach your target audience. Couple that with the fact that YouTube’s search engine is among the largest in the world – second only to Google. This means that you can benefit from best practices.

YouTube allows you to promote your business in two primary ways – by posting unique video content for your audience, and by advertising on the vast catalogue of videos hosted on YouTube.

YouTube Users Know What They Want

YouTube Users

Wondering how this benefits you? Consider your average browsing behavior on a social media website. Tens of minutes of aimless browsing through your newsfeed or the website’s ‘Explore’ section. This is the case with most users of social media. In a majority of the cases, social media users aren’t there to search for a particular topic which makes their search patterns more erratic.

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Although this happens to some extent on YouTube as well, this pattern isn’t as prevalent on the video-sharing website as much as it is on social media. YouTube users are often on the website for a specific purpose – searching for a particular type of content. It could be anything from searching for a music video to learning a new skill. This eliminates the guesswork that plagues social media marketing.

This consistency in search patterns puts business owners at an advantage. When you have a general sense of what your target audience will be searching for, it puts you in a better position of introducing your brand as a solution.

YouTube Presence Enhances Your Google Prospects

YouTube Presence
8 Massive Benefits of Using YouTube for Business 30

As we mentioned, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. Although a lot of what makes its search engine special is specific to the website, it owes some of it to its parent company, Google. YouTube, being owned by Google, benefits from the support of the technology giant.

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Google’s universal search delivers a blend of news, images and videos in search results. This allows for a more comprehensive search experience so users get a better chance of finding what they are looking for. YouTube, being a part of the Google family, is given priority over other video-hosting platforms.

This is why you always see YouTube videos at the top of Google’s dedicated Video search and also on the front page of the universal search. Having your video hosted on YouTube doesn’t only open you up to YouTube users – it also allows you to reach the significantly larger user base that uses Google as their default search engine.

Experience the Power of Going Viral

Viral videos have taken on a specific meaning that greatly limits their potential. In reality, viral videos are more than just funny clips that spread like wildfire for the purpose of entertainment. Any video that generates a massive response from viewers can be termed as viral. These videos get carried around without the content owner putting in much effort for their promotion.

The idea behind getting a video to go viral is to offer value to your viewers. This value that they receive by watching your video serves as an incentive for them to share your video on their social networks. A good way to spark shares is by embedding your videos in related blogs or sharing the link on relevant forums or social media groups.

Ensure the Longevity of Your Content

8 Massive Benefits of Using YouTube for Business 32

YouTube allows business owners to keep track of their promotional content. This means that you don’t have to spend precious time coming up with new ideas to generate viewer’s interest. Most business-owners repurpose their content which saves money and time. Because your uploaded content does not expire, it will remain on your profile for as long as you want it there.

It isn’t uncommon to see new activity on videos that you posted months ago. These videos can also be brought back to the forefront during specific times of the year or during specific events. Another form of repurposing content is to reshape your existing promotional material, such as articles, blogposts, pictures and podcasts, into videos. By converting your content to video form, you increase the likelihood of it reaching a wider audience.

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Reach a Global Audience

Probably the biggest advantage of bringing your business promotions to YouTube is the increased exposure that the video-hosting website allows. This is especially beneficial if your business is not limited by the provision of physical products in a certain geographic region. YouTube video content enables you to reach audiences who would not have discovered your business on any other platform.

Global Audience

YouTube is a true digital community of diverse populations. Even if you speak a single language, your content can reach and benefit people speaking different languages. This is made possible through YouTube’s automatic captions and translations. A ton of other accessibility features, such as closed captions, make your content available to audiences with certain disabilities, such as a hearing impairment.

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Benefit From the Precision of Google Ads

Google Ads
8 Massive Benefits of Using YouTube for Business 33

Google Ads, formerly AdWords, enables business users to reach their target audience with laser-focused precision. The service advertises your business and displays promotional content on relevant videos. These are videos that your target audience is most likely to search for.

Marketing content is only effective if it is targeted at the right consumer segment. If you are advertising a car maintenance service to an audience searching for motorcycle repairs, you aren’t very likely to receive a significant response on your ad. However, if these ads were to show up on videos of DIY car repairs, you would have much more luck.

The benefit of using Google Ads to advertise on videos is that you will only be charged for engaged views. An engaged view is when a viewer watches your ad for at least thirty seconds. This way, you are not paying excessively for content that doesn’t generate any results for your business.

Use AdSense to Generate Extra Income

AdSense is the other end of the Google Ads we discussed above. Through this program, content creators get paid a commission for displaying ads on their videos. These ads can come in the shape of a banner at the bottom of your video or a small one-minute video ad at preset intervals during your video. AdSense is a nice little addition to your primary income.

8 Massive Benefits of Using YouTube for Business 34

If you are uploading a lot of content to your YouTube channel, why not make some money off it by letting YouTube display relevant ads? Not only will you get monetary benefit, but your viewers will also benefit if the ads displayed are those that directly complement your content. Millions of content creators use AdSense to earn easy money through their videos – some even earn in six figures.


If a picture posted on your social media page does wonders for your business, you can figure out the impact a video will have. Videos generate the kind of interest that text fails to achieve in today’s busy world. And therefore, you stand a better chance of grabbing your audience’s attention with a 1-minute video than a 3-page blog.