In this era, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and the 3rd most visited website worldwide after Google and Facebook. Developed in 2005, it has surged in popularity ever since.

In today’s era of technology and shortcuts, people usually prefer visual content for everything they search for. Thus, it is used in marketing, business, entertainment, education and what not.

Everyone nowadays wants to have a popular YouTube channel – be it a movie star, a baker, a businessman, a teacher, or even a student. They all want a YouTube channel the content of which can reach the other end of the world. And there’s good reason for this.

Having a YouTube channel brings a ton of advantages. It is because of these benefits that so many people want to build their entire career as a YouTuber. Others may want just the business side of things. Regardless, it is important to know what these perks are and why does everyone wish to have a dream job as a YouTuber these days. This article gives insight on just that.

#1. Tapping into the horde of YouTube traffic

Because of most visual learners, over 4 billion online videos are watched every day. Let’s face it, 1 billion people visiting globally in a month and 100 hours of videos uploaded every 60 seconds, having your own YouTube channel guarantees audience. That is, if you provide useful content to them.

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YouTube traffic
7 Benefits of Having a YouTube Channel 6

 YouTube channels are ranked by the watch time of people. This paves two ways – one, a person finds you through your YouTube channel, and two, they find you through your own site.

Every field will find itself benefitting from a YouTube channel. Whether you want to sell something or just entertain your audience, you can.

#2. Growing audience around the world

Take a fun fact here. 60% of the human population is said to be a visual learner. 30% is an aural learner while 5% is a kinesthetic learner. Providing good enough content to your viewers is bound to help your channel spread wider around the world grabbing the attention of more audience.

Constantly uploading content opens doors to new visitors even if you speak only one language. Say you are a native English speaker; you have the edge because that is one language almost everyone understands to some extent.

Growing audience
7 Benefits of Having a YouTube Channel 7

Also, if you add closed captions to your videos, that will massively benefit both you and your audience as hearing impaired people will also benefit from your channel.

#3. Just another source of revenue

People buy from who they trust, and it is up to you to gain their trust. A YouTube channel provides you with the opportunity of creating another source of income. But while doing so, it can also dramatically cause your audience to be affected by and attached to you in an emotional way.

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Say you want to sell something, or someone you know wants to sell something through you – the greater number of viewers you have who trust you and your content, the more likely you are to sell that product.

Furthermore, if you have enough views and subscribers, you can earn YouTube ad revenue! It provides another source of income which is always good.

#4. Building your email list on YouTube

Email is the number 1 channel that any professional or consumer will prefer. Whether in marketing or in education, everyone has and uses emails. This means, if you want to grow your business, this might be just the right thing to do.

email list on YouTube
7 Benefits of Having a YouTube Channel 8

Another side advantage here would be that, you get to make your own your list. Any other platform might suspend or even delete your content. However, if you have an email list on YouTube, no one can take anything away from you.

A few tricks might come in handy here, like temporarily stopping a video and asking the viewer to enter their email address and subscribe to your content.

#5. Higher ad acceptance rate

Conventionally, YouTube ads have a higher acceptance rate than that of Facebook. In fact, you get to choose from six ad formats that may most likely be suited for your audience. What’s more, there is said to be a 32% engagement rate on branded content that is viewed on YouTube.

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If you don’t want to choose form the given formats, you can still target the unknown audience, about whom very little information is known, and have a 29.5% view rate.

#6. Give content a new life

Using a YouTube channel allows you to reproduce your content without spending a lot of time and money on expensive equipment.

For example, a blog post can be re-purposed into one of many formats like Podcasts, Infographics, Presentations, Video series and what not. This helps you in creating 4 different pieces of content from just one idea, allowing your audience to digest the information you provided them with.

#7. Credibility boost

You can make people notice your credibility through your YouTube channel. Credibility matters in any and every field. It allows your audience to see what you are capable of. Anyone and everyone can set up their channel on the platform, but only the deserving ones get a greater number of subscribers.

Credibility boost
7 Benefits of Having a YouTube Channel 9

This is also a way of increasing familiarity with your audience and developing an emotional attachment with them. Any true viewer with just a glance will know how much effort you put into a content and the reward will be more subscribers.


Having a YouTube channel certainly has a ton of benefits. But what’s more important is that it has no drawbacks, like, at all. You can’t go wrong with having a YouTube channel. There are only wins here. So, don’t think too much about it and launch your YouTube channel today!