Everyone wants to be a YouTuber these days, and why wouldn’t they? YouTube offers a generous income to anyone who has a significant enough view count. Content creators on YouTube are their own bosses. They get to have a community that likes them for who they are and what they do. It’s a dream job that is open for everyone.

Even though a great number of people (especially youngsters) try to become YouTube stars, there is only a handful of people that actually do. According to studies, only 13% of people make it to 1,000 subscribers, which is the number of subscribers you need to monetize your channel. This percentage lowers down to 4% when talking about people that make it to 5,000 subscribers.

The above statistics hold because how hard it is to start off. Getting the first few subscribers is exponentially harder than getting thousands of subscribers later on. These first few subscribers are the most crucial ones of all.

In today’s age of shortcuts, people simply buy views on YouTube videos to get this initial momentum. This doesn’t necessarily include likes or comments, but for the most part, views are good enough.

In this article, we have listed the top 4 benefits of buying YouTube views.

1. A Way to Trick the Almighty Algorithm

YouTube is a very crowded website these days. There is so much competition that even if you think you have a unique idea for a video, someone else may already be monetizing it. Your video will have a much lower chance of being recommended to people because someone else already has views on theirs.

The algorithm favors traction, so if someone has raked up views on a video, it will be recommended to people even more. Your video may be better than theirs, but the algorithm doesn’t know that unless the views say it.

Buying views is the best way to prevent your video getting buried under a sea of similar videos that have already gained views. Once you get those initial views, the algorithm will be tricked into thinking your video is better than the ones that are already up. Your video will start getting recommended to people and it will show up on top of searches. If your video gets a sudden jump in views, the algorithm may even think it’s a new trend and your video may even end up in the trending feed.

A Way to Trick the Almighty Algorithm
4 Awesome Benefits of Buying YouTube Views 6

2. Builds Authenticity and Credibility

Suppose you’re looking for a specific video on YouTube. You hit search and the top video that is recommended has only 100 views. Right below it is a video with 100,000 views. Which one would you click on?

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This is a phenomenon known as social proof. People believe that if a lot of people are doing something, they are probably right. This is a very real thing and it translates well to YouTube.

According to this phenomenon, the answer to the above hypothetical is probably the video with 100,000 views. Everyone would click on the video with more views because they think it is more authentic in comparison to the others. If a lot of people have watched it, it must be credible, right?

Builds Authenticity and Credibility
4 Awesome Benefits of Buying YouTube Views 7

3. Increased Marketing for Your Brand

If you’re a YouTuber, you have a brand you can sell to your community. Most YouTubers do this in the form of merchandise or collaborations with brands. You most likely do it too if you are a YouTuber who can. Buying views affects this as well.

Sure, you get more sales when you have a higher view count, but we aren’t talking about the organic aspect of it. If your video has a lot of engagements (views, likes and comments), it makes people want to be associated with its creator. They are inclined toward subscribing and a few more videos later, they become intrigued and want to learn more about you.

Since YouTube creators are relatively much more transparent with their viewers than creators on other platforms, people feel confident in buying YouTuber merchandise. People are enticed to at least check out what you sell and eventually end up buying a couple of things. Having more views on the video only adds to this because people feel more secure buying from you thanks to the same social proof phenomenon we talked about before.

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Increased Marketing for Your Brand
4 Awesome Benefits of Buying YouTube Views 8

4. Saves Time

YouTube is all about the grind – the grind of daily uploads and the grind of staying up to date with trends. This takes a lot of time and even then, a fanbase is not guaranteed. For the same few subscribers and views that you could have achieved in a matter of weeks if you bought views, it took you months.

Let’s say it took you 3 months’ worth of videos to get to 500 subscribers. Had you bought half the amount of views you got organically, it would’ve taken you 1.5 months. If you bought views for 1.5 more months, you would have gotten 1000 subscribers, meaning you can now monetize your channel.

On YouTube, it’s all about getting to that monetization threshold as fast as possible and buying views is the shortest route. If you are a new channel, what you need the most is that initial push to get you started. If buying views can get you that, more power to you.

Saves Time
4 Awesome Benefits of Buying YouTube Views 9


Everyone on YouTube is buying views these days. If you stick to the traditional method and opt out of buying views, others are going to get ahead of you, making things much harder for you.

Buying views isn’t a bad thing and people no longer frown on it. Plus, you can get views for as low as 1 cent per view, so don’t think about it too much and get that initial push you need.