Yllusion Shows Us the Newest Cyberpunk Fashion Trends
Yllusion Shows Us the Newest Cyberpunk Fashion Trends 17

We all know the term ‘cyberpunk’ from the incredibly popular author Bruce Bethke, who rose to fame in 1983 with a collection of stories that play with themes of neologism, dystopia and dark depiction of the capitalist post-modernist future. The author gave birth to what would become a comfort genre filled with characters and elements such as hackers, cybercrime, technology, intrigue, paranoia, future pessimism, and more. Cyberpunk fashion trends have always been popular. The 20-year cycle returned somewhere around 2022 and was in full swing in the summer of 2021. Yllusion features some of the most on-theme pieces that will allow you to live your cyberpunk fantasy in real life.


What Identifies as Cyberpunk?

What do Matrix, Lil Nas, Playstation Era, Final Fantasy VII, and Vampire: The Masquerade all have in common? It was all about the growing unease between humans and the computers that they created once to ease their lives… but the tables have turned. The cyberpunk genre is all about the resentment towards technology and the grave future that entails the ‘man vs. machine’ trope. This genre has a huge influence on fashion by creating a sort of Maze Runner-inspired wardrobe but with a little more neon, because it is now the 2020s.

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Yllusion’s Collections and Cyberpunk Fashion Trends
Yllusion Shows Us the Newest Cyberpunk Fashion Trends 18

As we enter the post-pandemic era, we will still be clinging to our expensive loungewear but also experience an influx of adventure when it comes to fashion choices. The nod to cyberpunk was first witnessed by the introduction of ‘technicolor rave’ elements seen in winter 2021 collections. The comfy but glitzy pieces are the perfect encapsulation of what we expect from 2021 but also what we deserve.

Japanese Streetwear

Yllusion features stunning collections in Japanese street wear, which make up for almost every designer’s inspiration mood board post-2017. The colors, cuts and dazzles are all in it for something unexpected. The Japanese street wear collections call for sophisticated but out-of-the-box ideas. The Japanese model-off-duty look can give the American model-off-duty look a run for their money, simply by incorporating more authority and less effort.

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Rave Wear

The edgy and urban mix of rave wear is something you can find at the coolest parties. The colors are dark but the pieces are always studded. The mystery elements remain strong but the neon brings expression to a whole new forefront. The post-modernist punk is what it all comes down to.


Yllusion features an awe-inspiring techwear collection. Imagine all your e-girl, gamer, Star Wars etc. fantasies explored by creating the most exquisite fashion. The pieces do not intend to be timeless but they might as well be.


The cyberpunk collection by yllusions is a dream come true. It is all the rage of cyberpunk fashion trends and for good reason. Nothing says cyberpunk-like glow-in-the-dark masks. Yllusion brings you unique fashion items that will leave you reminiscing about the 2020s when you are old. The cyberpunk era is easily the modern 60s. This is when you can make all the moments that will be lived over by generations to come.

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The Future of Fashion

The cyberpunk era calls into question the future of fashion and what it will entail. The cyberpunk era calls for technological advancement and how angsty it makes us feel. The fashion will be ill-formed, bold, functional. Incorporating bright hues with dark and dull colors is important because it is Afterall ‘punk’ and breaking away from the mold is what it is all about. You can even visit to find out more about this type of fashion.

Buyer’s Guide Cyberpunk Fashion Trends to Invest In
Yllusion Shows Us the Newest Cyberpunk Fashion Trends 19

If you are a cyberpunk enthusiast, here’s what you need to know about styling cyberpunk outfits and getting the right pieces for yourself. Trends and fashion can never trump personal style; it is important to remember this, no matter what trend you are following.

We can help you identify the coolest cyberpunk pieces to buy and how you can style them, but the final call is always yours. You can style the pieces however you like to align with your personal style and your body type.

Light-Up Jackets

If there’s one piece that you want to own that is not only cool but also works as sort of a souvenir from the cyberpunk era, then this is it. The light-up jacket is going to be like the Uggs or the fringe sleeves that you may not be able to wear again once the trend has passed by, but you will always cherish having it in your wardrobe. This is a statement, if not anything else.

Combat Boots

Combat boots are something that you probably already have in your wardrobe if you are edgy and were a teenager from 2012-14. This was the time when most of us bought our first pair of Doc Martens and as it so happens, we have been wearing them ever since. If you don’t own a pair, you absolutely must invest in combat boots to feel powerful and unapologetic but also to own a great pair of boots that add a pinch of non-conformist even to the sweetest summer dress.

Utility Belts

Now, this is a statement piece that can transform dull outfits. The best thing about accessories such as belts is that you can ease into a trend with them. You don’t need to go as an anime character to the farmer’s market, but you can definitely wear a statement belt on a trip to the mall to showcase your love for cyberpunk.


Cyberpunk is the most 2020s appropriate trend so far. It perfectly encapsulates the resentment towards hyper-technological advancements. The fashion statements channel modern, sci-fi-inspired clothing that denounces the norm in the most bedazzling way – the only way that it should. Yllusions feature some of the most exquisite trends in their beautiful fashion items.

You can pick whichever fashion trends appeal to you the most.