4 Ways to use your social media strategy to advance the business
4 Ways to use your social media strategy to advance the business 3

Both forms of firms are brought in to manage a variety of tasks for their clients. Through offering full-service social strategies, tailored brand marketing, or stepping in for a particular campaign or initiative, companies first and foremost listen to their clients. Yet several companies fail to prioritize their own marketing activities, with a client-first attitude.

When you are working for a social-first organization, you'll know better than anyone about the value of a good social media presence. But even if your agency is not offering clients social media services, don't neglect social networks for your own business.

Social networking is only one of the strategic means of communication that enables companies to publish content, create relationships, and have meaningful interactions with prospective consumers, and their communities. This provides you with a range of data and knowledge in your presentations and the company plans to exploit. It's also an opportunity to persuade advertisers through advertising that the agency is the right partner to meet their needs, rather than carrying on in-house initiatives.

Agencies are also brands, and must be regarded as such. Much like you might encourage your clients to integrate social into their marketing campaigns, so can companies do the same. Lead by example, and let the social strategy for your organization show through.

Describe your work and tell everyone what separates you

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We want to see what the firm is capable of before a prospective client sends an RFP. Sometimes, a brand's credibility derives from its social media presence, so a sparse profile doesn't inspire a lot of confidence. Making the most of your social media to show off some of your best work, reach new viewers, and differentiate yourself from your rivals.

Each organization begins with a specific kind of expertise. Perhaps it is designed, maybe it's creating content, digital ads, or controlling social media. It's growing your experience working inside a vertical or niche industry. Just like you might ask a customer about your business, ask these questions. What better do you do than everybody else? Why is it that clients will turn to you? The answers will tell your social media and the content that you post.

Case studies are valuable marketing collateral and one of the best ways to show the organization can provide quality work. Luckily, the organization has most likely already released at least a few of its websites. If not, We have some advice on how to get started.

In addition to sharing your case studies in a typical social post, consider these options.

  • Using pay-out targeting tools to provide interested citizens with case studies.
  • Share the business case studies on LinkedIn and Facebook Groups. Make sure the group rules encourage you to share and provide value — such as sharing a lesson or main takeaway that you learned from working with this company that would help other members.
  • Ask workers to complement their LinkedIn articles with case studies from their clients.
  • Encourage workers to exchange case studies with their own networks.
  • Tag your customer in every single social post.
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Generate leads and new business

Agencies are constantly searching for opportunities to attract new customers and one of the best places to test and see is social media. While continuing to keep up with conventional methods of attracting clients through referrals, companies can draw new business through social media marketing.

These days work starts with a Google search more often than not. Therefore, getting a robust Google My Business (GMB) profile is extremely worthwhile as prospective clients search for your business. Google claims companies with a concise listing of GMBs are 2.7x more likely to be deemed trustworthy.

A GMB account is an convenient way to make the search results more accessible, collect feedback and provide more information about your services. Many GMB listing agencies and companies even add their social media accounts, which improves traffic to your sites and provides more visibility into your content.

Use social data to inform business decisions

As your organization shares content through social media, keep a close eye on the trends you see in your social information. There are other ways these can be told. Using a platform that has comprehensive analytics capabilities, companies can keep track of how many people view their content, what content people interact with, which posts drive clicks to your website, and so much more.

In addition to the quantitative data you are gathering, qualitative data from social listening and tracking can also be useful.

The agency world is hyper-competitive, as firms are vying for top customers. Listening software will uncover perspectives and discussions that will help you create a successful pitch. Efficient Department listening issues and questions will support you:

  • Within your business, tap into the pressure points that your prospective customers face.
  • Analyze the emotions around the business.
  • Hone in on local customers and developments for smaller companies based on a single area.
  • Go find influencers for your customers.
  • Take a look at interactions among your rivals and colleagues.
  • Stay on top of the latest trends and deals your agency should accept.

Position your agency as a leader

Big and small organizations will exchange content which will position you as a leader. Through thought leadership, how - to webinars, insights into the industry and other material on educational websites, the agency will prove that it really knows what it is talking about. Even if you are short on branded information, re-sharing content from other industry experts, trade publications and consumers is a easy way to demonstrate that your organization has its finger on the pulse.

Content production is not just about consumer acquisition; retention can go a long way too. Your content should instill faith that your client has made the right choice for your business.

When you're an award-winning organization, then make it publicly aware. Share it in your Twitter bio and about pages, include the accolade in your cover pictures and let the news spread to the employees. Employee engagement sites such as Bambu make it easy for workers to step up the achievement of the company by sharing curated content through their social networks.

Treat your agency like a VIP client

It is also the toughest part to get going. One problem facing organizations may be finding time during billable hours for non-billable jobs. But given the social value as a forum and as a source of data, companies should view themselves as their own client and develop a holistic, social media strategy.