Get Your Own Premium Fashion Mask from Maskky
Get Your Own Premium Fashion Mask from Maskky 12

Are you a fashionista at heart? Do you like to make a statement with every outfit you wear and every accessory you style? In that case, we understand how you feel about face masks. Maskky is here to give you the best premium fashion mask options to pick and choose from. It is no longer March 2022 when the general public was fighting over surgical masks. It has been almost 2 years since the COVID-19 outbreak and we have made peace with the fact that protecting ourselves from deadly viruses will be a daily struggle. But we can still look cute doing that, right? 

Why Get a Premium Fashion Mask?

Fashion is all about accepting change and creating pieces that help you look and feel trendy, while being practical and in line with the times. The world has changed drastically in the past few years. Fashion has had to call in to question many things, including how masks can become a part of our daily attire because they need to be a part of the lives we will be leading from now on.

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Masks do not have to make a fashion statement but if they do, the general public will feel more inclined to wear them. There are many fashion houses out there that took to creating matching facemasks with their collections. There are many brands that created their own mask collection simply to cater to the growing need for fashion that encourages safety. Maskky is one such brand that focuses on giving you a fashionable look by wearing a mask. 

Benefits of Wearing a Mask


Get Your Own Premium Fashion Mask from Maskky 13

In many countries all around the world, masks were commonplace even before the COVID-19 outbreak. This is because masks help protect you from unclean air, dust and pollution, all of which have been common for a long time. Masks are great to wear especially if wherever you live has a smog problem. Check out your city’s Air Quality Index to see if today is a good day to go out while wearing a mask.

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Believe it or not, masks have also been used to make fashion statements. Masks give an allure to the outfit by adding an element of mystery. Masks were viewed as one of those over-the-top but simplistic Parisian accessories that created drama, while maintaining an underrated vibe. These masks were not particularly built for protection purposes but many designers are now falling into their steps trying to combine fashion with a purpose to create an all-rounder product.

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COVID-19 and its variants still remain a threat. Despite being vaccinated, there are many who are still contracting this disease which goes to show just how important it is to wear a mask. Whether you are vaccinated or not, the best course of action is to make a habit out of wearing a mask in public. And yes, the mask can definitely be a stylish one.


Get Your Own Premium Fashion Mask from Maskky

The ‘look’

The ‘look’
Get Your Own Premium Fashion Mask from Maskky 14

We’re not going to lie to you: the blue surgical masks that went around all through the first half of 2022 were a fashion disaster. Yes, we wouldn't want to be caught dead wearing them but the alternate was, in fact, death. However, this is not the case anymore. Masks, if done right, can be cute, expressive and also a great addition to your outfit. They are now the perfect accessory. Maskky is all about giving its customers a huge range so that they can pick the right product for them.

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Masks were a nightmare for the zero-waste community. The zero-waste community is to be credited for the unbelievable strides made to reduce single-use anything. When the pandemic hit the masses and pharmacies decided to monopolize on masks, the only choice left for even the best of us was to wear the single-use masks that were far from biodegradable.

To avoid this nightmare, brands such as Maskky have taken the steps to provide 100% reusable masks to their customers. In this day and age, all brands must be held accountable for the way their business’ practices affect the environment. To make a responsible decision, we recommend that you invest in Maskky, which is a sustainable brand.


Let’s be honest: nobody enjoys wearing a mask. The whole philosophy of a mask is to ‘block’ things, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop wearing them. They do save your life. The question that arises is: can masks be made in a way that makes them comfortable? The answer is yes! Maskky provides its customers with a wide range of uber-comfortable masks that feel easy on your face, your ears and do not add to the breathing restrain.

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Acne or Maskne

The term ‘Maskne’ came into being when more and more people reported acne aggravation or acne outbreaks from wearing a mask all day. The reason for this is hygiene practices without a doubt. Just like pillowcases and towels, anything that touches your face should be cleaned and disinfected. But there are other reasons as well, such as the type of material used to make masks that don’t sit well with irritated skin. Maskky uses high-quality materials in the production of its masks that don't irritate the skin.


Masks are the need of the hour. There is no getting around it as the viruses continue to mutate, putting the lives of hundreds of people in danger. The best solution is wearing a mask and accepting it as a part of your day-to-day attire. The masks you wear do not have to be a strain on the environment. They do not have to be uncomfortable or unattractive. Maskky is a great brand that allows you to pick a mask from a wide range of premium fashion masks, which you can buy from

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