A cosplay is your portrayal of a character from a movie, book or video game. You can dress up as that character by wearing similar costumes and accessories. You can also put your spin on the character to make it more interesting and creative.

1 CosplayHero: How to Get Popular as a Cosplayer on Instagram
CosplayHero: How to Get Popular as a Cosplayer on Instagram 5

First of all, you need to think about what inspires you to become a cosplayer in the first place. Is it because you are inspired by some famous cosplayers? Or does everyone around you think that you look like a certain character?

Whatever the reason is, we have listed below tips on how to get popular as a cosplayer on Instagram:

  • Pick a Catchy Name

We are naturally attracted to catchy and weird Instagram names, so you need to choose a unique cosplay name for yourself. Choose a name that represents you. Also keep in mind that you will enter into cosplay competitions with that name.

  • Choose Your Character Wisely

Respecting your character should always come first. You should choose a character that compliments your looks and fits your personality.  It is really important to choose your character wisely while doing a cosplay. People on Instagram pay attention to the details nowadays; if they don’t like your character, you won’t become famous on Instagram.

  • Have Fun

When you are doing a cosplay, don’t forget to have fun! Your character should be able to translate loads of entertainment into the audience. Even if you are doing a boring character, make it fun and interesting. Enjoy the cosplay and enjoy your character.

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  • Bring Life to the Character

Your job is not only acting while doing a cosplay. The audience needs to relate to your character as much as you do. For that, you need to play that character in a way that brings life to it. Your audience should be so engaged with your character that they should feel the same emotions that you display in the cosplay.

  • Inspire People with Your Character
Inspire People with Your Character
CosplayHero: How to Get Popular as a Cosplayer on Instagram 6

Your character can by anything but always remember to send a strong message into the audience with whatever you choose. People might not remember your character but they should always remember you by your message. So what are you waiting for? Go inspire!

  • Help Other Cosplayers

Build strong connections with other cosplayers on Instagram. Help them if they need any guidance or ask them for reviews on your cosplays. In this way, you’ll all get to help each other. There are some really popular cosplayers on Instagram; you can get in touch with them and collaborate as well. They can give you a shoutout, which will help you reach more people and gain popularity as a cosplayer on Instagram.

  • Cosplay Competitions

You should be in it to win it. There are many cosplay competitions that you can participate in and most of them are uploaded on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Try your best to win these competitions and put in all your efforts. Even if you don’t win, you’ll be one step closer to becoming popular as a cosplayer on Instagram.

  • Practice
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You may have heard the saying “Practice makes a man perfect”; well, practice does really polish your skills as a cosplayer. You should take pictures of every look that you create and then analyse your looks. Narrow down the ones which look the best and keep practicing them. Don’t forget that netizens are really critical and will tell you if they don’t like a certain makeup or your wig or you carrying character as a cosplayer. Take the comments as constructive criticism and keep practising those aspects.


On Instagram, you can make your content viral through hashtags. Use lots of hashtags related to cosplay under your Instagram posts. If you want a good number of likes and comments on your posts, you need to use as many hashtags as Instagram allows. Posts with the right hashtags are always on the trending page because users search for a topic they’re interested in by typing in the hashtag.

  • Aesthetics

People will definitely like your picture if it looks aesthetically pleasing to them. To become popular as a cosplayer on Instagram, your cosplay pictures should be full of aesthetics. Lighting plays a really important part in the outlook of your picture, so make sure to use the right amount of lighting along with a background that compliments your picture.

  • Experiment

People love to see variations, so you need to be experimental with your looks. Try doing different cosplay characters and post them on your Instagram story. Start polls and ask people which look they like the best. Try different makeup looks for your characters as well. You never know when a cosplay look of yours may go viral!

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  • Peak Hours

On Instagram, there are some peak hours of the day when your posts get a lot of likes. If you want to get more reach on Instagram as a cosplayer, try to schedule your posts during those hours. They will definitely get more likes and reach more people.

  • Costumes and Wigs

When you are playing a cosplay character, your costume and wig represents a major part of your entire look. Choose the right costume and wig; both of these things need to complement and enhance your character. It would look really off if your costume doesn’t fit well or if your wig’s colour does not suit your character. You never know which costume or overall look might get you popular as a cosplayer on Instagram.


CosplayHero: How to Get Popular as a Cosplayer on Instagram 7

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