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Meta Description: The digital revolution is evolving, and after the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has brought many innovations to it. 

Voice technology seems to be a new term in many industries. Of course, AI has been around for a while, but only recently have we seen the most significant innovations. For instance, chatbots are evolving, and their level of natural language processing is becoming even more accurate in answering questions. 

They are taking customer interactions to a whole new level and being more precise in giving answers without any human intervention. Quite interesting, isn’t it?!

Well, don’t go anywhere because, in this article, we will find out the emerging trends of 2022 in the AI voiceover industry.

Custom voice assistant 

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The pandemic is putting a set of new challenges and demands on the way our businesses operate. However, the digital age has changed the game and has adopted an AI-powered voice generator to do the work. As a result, customers continuously seek a personalized experience when interacting with a brand. 

What is the solution here? 

Advanced AI technologies offer many advantages over different sectors by providing custom voice assistants (voice bots) where customers are getting their questions answered faster than a human would answer them. In short, a custom voice assistant is a branded experience for customers and allows them to skip any steps in the voice command process to achieve their desired outcomes. 

Some examples of custom voice assistants include Alexa, Siri, Hey Google, and more. All you do is pull out your phone and ask your voice assistant what you need. How easy can it get? 

Professional use of voiceovers 

AI voices have broken out of their circle in the past two years and become an investment-friendly space. 37% of businesses are employing AI and have seen increased productivity levels. There are more realistic voices to use, and according to statistics, the rise of AI will create 97 million new jobs. However, only 15% of AI capabilities are being used in businesses as of now, this number is expected to rise in the upcoming years. 


Automated tools reduce the margin of error in a wide range of voiceover use cases. Here is what makes up the best of AI voice technologies:

  • Natural language processing 
  • Robotic process automation 
  • Intelligent document processing 

Moreover, it’s the reduction in human labor, and let’s be honest, the margin of error for repetitive tasks in AI is much lower than in human beings. In fact, according to statistics, it is 3% for AI and 5% for human beings. Therefore, employees are allowed to focus on more critical tasks that need to be accomplished. 

Considering this, it will enable call centers to implement the following: 

  • Transcription services (chatbots, voice bots) 
  • Voice biometrics
  • Audio mining

These voice technology innovations will allow companies to meet customer needs much quicker and provide top-notch customer service; let’s not forget, boost loyalty as well! 

Cost reduction in voice AI 

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Since the pandemic made people have to work remotely, people are communicating online more than ever. For instance, there is a rise in customer call volume too. So, how do voice AI technologies help call centers reduce costs? 

When you run a call center, you have to hire and train your employees, so only this part will cost you 80% of the overall cost. How long can you require your workforce to keep up with continuous demands without hiring extra agents? Well, maybe not so long. According to Salesforce, 75% of customer professionals find it challenging to keep up with continuous demands.  

The answer lies in voice AI! According to Juniper Research, chatbot conversations are expected to save companies up to $8 billion this year. In addition, voice AI is evolving to an extent where it takes on hard work, allows employees to be more productive, and compromises more than 30% of the contact center calls.

Overall, Voice AI isn’t an expensive investment, but as you saw the statistics for yourself, it can save a vast amount of costs and help you and your team get more work done. 

Voice AI is improving multimedia content quality 

The ability AI voices have for improving content quality is why companies want to adopt it in their services. After all, well-made content is more likely to perform better and gain notice much quicker, providing better long-term returns.  

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AI voice technology is about getting the best out of voice. The mix of in-depth emotion and connection AI voice gives, allows you to harness new opportunities in the voice technology world.

Voice search SEO 

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Since voice technologies are becoming much more popular, we have to know that more consumers use smart speakers and automated voice search. For example, ask the speaker to play a song you want to listen to. 

As a result, marketers will need to modify their promotional strategies to an AI voiceover reality. Therefore, voice searches will require SEO optimization and become a new method of searching. Voice SEO is important for attracting traffic, and as of now, the most common voice search devices on the web are: 

  • Alexa/Amazon Echo 
  • Google Home 
  • Google Assistant
  • Siri 
  • Microsoft’s Cortana

A few years back, many argued that voice SEO was not beneficial since the searches turned into text either way. However, this isn’t true. Voice searches are conversational, and typed ones are keyword-based, which is a win-win situation. 

For example, instead of typing a question such as “show me local stores,” users can do this by using their voice to give commands. 

Wrapping it up

That’s about it. These were our top trends in the AI voiceover industry and what you can expect this year. AI has come a long way, saving people time and creating new jobs. 

It’s about time human beings use their creativity to the maximum and ensure they are not wasting their time on repetitive tasks.