5 Ways to Find the Right People to Follow on Twitter

Imagine you are in a hurry, and you’ve no time to read newspapers and magazines or watch television. But to keep you up to date, in the interval between one meeting and the next, a little bird tweet all the news in your ear. From the weather in a state at the other end of the map to the new set of rules that will affect your company – you get to know about everything with just a few clicks. Biologically this bird has no existence, but virtually it has!


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With more than 100 million daily active users and 300 billion posted messages, Twitter is one of today’s most-used social networking sites. With short notes limited to 280 characters, the site is an excellent source of ideas, information, and friendships. Moreover, following other entrepreneurs can be an excellent source of inspiration to keep the business afloat. Great business people and experts in entrepreneurship feed their Twitter profiles with news, trends, and lots of advice.

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In addition, some incredible people exist in the real world. They bring some kind of relevant information to their followers that include almost everything. The subjects vary from art to technology and activism to philosophy, and much more. Here are some must-check profiles to follow on Twitter!

@Chr1sA – One of the Great Profiles to Follow on Twitter

Chris Anderson Clubhouse Profile, Followers, Statistics (@chr1sa)

Even people with a minimum interest in technology, science, evolution, and economics know who Chris Anderson is. He is the editor of “Wired” and “A walking antenna.” The genius captures ideas and movements, anticipates and creates theses, which are often controversial. Moreover, he has more than 22,100 followers. So, it’s indeed an exciting profile to follow on Twitter.

@henryjenkins – A Noteworthy Profile to Follow On Twitter

Understanding the Participatory Culture of the Web: An Interview with Henry  Jenkins | The Signal

Director of the Comparative Media Studies program at MIT, Jenkins created the concept of “convergence culture”. Besides, he is the author of nine different books that address various aspects of media. Amazing information related to cinema, interstitial art, entertainment, technology, future, communication and more can be found in his profile. He already has over 6,500 Twitter followers.

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@radfahrer – A Considerable Profile to Follow on Twitter

Luli Radfahrer - Considerações em inovação, interfaces e interações  digitais.

In the profile of digital communication specialist Luli Radfahrer, his more than 8.5 thousand followers find rich and useful information. You can understand the level of intellectuality he holds from his bio itself. “I leaned over to look outside the box, fell out of it, and now I’m not coming back.” – Interesting isn’t it?!

@tdoria – Never Disappoints the Followers

Tiago Doria (@tdoria) | Twitter

The 5.4 thousand Twitter followers of journalist and media researcher Tiago Dória know it’s worth following him. He shares news, good ideas, relevant information, and useful tips in his profile.

@srudat – Can’t-Miss to Follow on Twitter

Op-Ed: Civic Engagement Can Improve Your World | Sammamish Comment

Stephanie Rudat is the co-founder of the Alliance of Youth Movements, which aims to use technology to encourage positive change in the world. She describes herself as a “businesswoman” Currently, she has 1,27,000 Twitter followers.

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@PLevy – The Exception

Pierre Levy | Samuel Huron | Flickr

Pierre Lévy believes that nobody knows everything but everybody knows something. You can call him the living collective intelligence. He presents himself as a philosopher, researcher, professor, and mapper of the semantic space. He has over 3.7 thousand Twitter followers. It is an ideal profile to follow for those who like to explore topics related to ‘cyberspace and everything around it.

@amanda – The Wanderer

Amanda L. Rose | Fenwick & West LLP

 Amanda Rose describes herself as a “Canadian wanderer with a shoulder bag. and a creative strategist. ” She deserves attention for being one of the activists of Twestival. It’s an initiative that has raised nearly half a million dollars for various causes. Amanda has more than 9,500 followers.

@doctorow – Deserves to Follow on Twitter

Cory Doctorow - Wikiquote

Cory Doctorow, the co-editor of the Boing Boing blog, is also a science fiction writer, blogger, and technology activist. In addition, he also collaborates with publications such as Wired, Make, Popular Science, The New York Times, and more. He has more than 33,200 Twitter followers.

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@poalli – The Witty Shot

Paula Barbieri ~ Detailed Biography with [ Photos | Videos ]

One of the funniest and ironic blogs is undoubtedly, “Te Dou um Dado”. And Ana Paula Barbia is one of the super creative minds behind these priceless posts.

@warrenellis – Sarcastic Yet Tempting

The Predictable Fall of Warren Ellis - YouTube

Warren Ellis is a British writer. He is the author of comics and graphic novels like Fell, Planetary, The Authority, and Global Frequency. Extremely sarcastic, his acid humor attracts more than 210,000 followers on Twitter.

@BoBurlingham – The Unseen

Purpose, Passion And Finishing Big, With Bo Burlingham

You may never have heard of him, but Bo Burlingham is one of the world’s leading authors, who write books on entrepreneurship. Small Giants is probably his best creation. Consider this profile to follow on Twitter and you won’t regret your decision.

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Guy Kawasaki – The Entrepreneur

About - Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki is an entrepreneur and author of several books on technological innovation like Canva. He shares information and tips on innovative businesses with his Tiktok followers.

Sebrae – An Essence from Brazil

Sebrae Nacional atrai 10 agências para verba de R$ 80 milhões - Janela  Publicitária

This profile is the official channel of the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service “Sebrae Nacional”. It usually features tweets that talk about new rules, courses, and so on.

@richardbranson – the Serial Entrepreneur to Follow on Twitter

Richard Branson | Biography & Facts | Britannica

Founder of Virgin, Branson is an example of a serial entrepreneur. He runs businesses ranging from record labels to space travel. Branson shares his adventures as an entrepreneur on Twitter.

Steve Blank – A Great Profile to Follow on Twitter

Steve Blank - keynote speaker - Global Speakers Bureau

One of Silicon Valley’s most famous personalities, Blank is an academic and author of several modern startup theories like the lean startup. The expert shares advice and articles, that you can follow on Twitter.

@biz – The Founder

Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone Returns to Company | Billboard

Well, we can’t miss mentioning the name of one of the founders of Twitter! The profile is a good source to follow the daily life of an entrepreneur in the United States.

Eric Ries: @ericries

Eric Ries

Guru of startups in Silicon Valley and author of the book The Lean Startup, Eric Ries’ profile is one of the most useful ones to follow on Twitter. Ries shares Twitter lessons on entrepreneurship and business models in his feed.

@fdelariva – The Expert

Fernando de la Riva - Cultura - Estadão

Fernando de la Riva is one of the greatest digital business experts. In his profile, he shares articles and ideas about the market. You can take this profile into consideration to follow on Twitter.

@marthagabriel – Talks About Innovation

Interview With CRYSTAL VIPER: Vocalist Marta Gabriel Talks About New Album  “Possession” | Metal Shock Finland (World Assault )

A professor and consultant, Martha Gabriel knows everything about innovation and marketing. Her tweets are good sources for companies that want to know more about digital marketing and understand consumer behavior.

Take advantage of the inspiration from the above beasts to keep your Twitter profile attractive and up-to-date. Need help in gaining more Twitter followers? Let’s drop in and assist!